National USA Press Releases





PROPHET of the LORD, KTN TV Sundays 11PM-12AM East African Time, 4PM-5PM USA Eastern, 1PM-2PM USA Pacific

Philadelphia, PA
Comcast Cable 66/966 or Verizon FIOS 29/20
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Atlanta, GA
Comcast Cable Channel 24
Mondays 11am
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Manhattan, New York
MNN3 Spirit (Channels TWC1997, RCN 84, FiOS35 and live stream on click on MNN3)
Upcoming Airings
March 9 at 6pm
March 18 at 6am
March 28 at 8am

Denver, Colorado
Ch 56 & Ch. 57
For Upcoming Airings check here
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Troy, Michigan
*in the Detroit metropolitan area*

Comcast & WOW Channel 18
Sundays 12pm
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District of Colombia

Comcast 96, RCN 11, Verizon 11

11am Tuesdays, 6pm Thursdays
Every other week
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Baltimore, MD

Ch. 75
Saturdays @ 3pm

Athens, Ohio

Ch. 23
Saturday & Sunday @ 9am
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Lynn, Massachusetts

Comcast Ch. 3
Tuesdays @ 4:30pm

Dayton, Ohio

Time Warner Digital Ch. 992
Every Monday @ 8pm EST
Every Thursday @ 9am EST
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Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis Television Network: Ch. 75
Every Sunday @ 3pm CST
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Montgomery County, Maryland

Local cable channel 19
Every Friday @ 3pm EST
Every Sunday @ 8am EST
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Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Comcast channel 99, Verizon channel 39 and Broadstripe channel 99
Saturdays @ 5pm EST
Tuesdays @ 7pm EST

Charlottesville, Virginia

CPA-TV: Comcast channel 13
Mondays @ 1am EST
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Blacksburg, Virginia

Comcast Ch 2 in Blacksburg & Ch 16 on the Virginia Tech campus
Every Wednesday @ 9pm EST
Every Sunday @ 9am EST

Virginia & District of Columbia 

Repentance & Holiness Program: Channel 36 (COX/Verizon)

Tuesdays @ 1pm EST
Friday @ 5am EST
Saturdays @ 3pm

Endtime Revival Program: Channel 30 (COX/Verizon) **includes Prince William County

Sundays @ 1:30pm
Tuesdays @ 10:30pm
Thursdays @ 8am