International Eyewitnesses of the Miraculous Joel 2:28 Global Revival

The following chronicle of events are translated from the original French and reveals the miraculous journey that propelled the Church of Christ in French Guiana to become a Participant in the Glorious End Time Revival of the LORD as prophesied in Joel 2:28, Revelation 6:6, and Haggai 2:9.


We began with humble prayers to our LORD Jesus Christ for His church requirements including location, physical structure, and the other amenities such as parking, for modest means. In answer to our prayers, I was led by the Holy Spirit to a well-known building with ample parking space in the capital city of Cayenne, and it was within our budget.

However, anything worth having doesn’t come without a fight. But Jesus is a warrior and “…the battle is the LORD’S.” (2 Chronicles 20:15).

Consequently, in order to obtain this room for the Church we had to make four (4) appointments with the manager in charge before he confessed that in fact there was indeed a space available, which he had concealed throughout our prior conversations.

Supernaturally, the Lord HIMSELF turned the heart of the manager who was opposed to the Church project. Since then the LORD has established the humble church in Cayenne, French Guiana.

Beginning four (4) years ago the Holy Spirit was impressing upon me to prepare sermons that focused on the imminent return of Christ and our need for sanctification. At the onset, I wanted to validate what I believed the LORD had been showing me. I researched and divinely found on the internet a Man of God who was preparing the ‘Bride of Christ’ for the Rapture, the Mighty Prophet of the LORD, Dr. David Owuor, and the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness.

Upon this discovery, by faith, I sent the Mighty Prophet an email. Many questions were swirling about my mind while I was hopefully awaiting a response. Would the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness receive my email? Would the busy Mighty Prophet acknowledge the meager attempt being made of reaching out to God’s End-Time Messenger and Ministry?

Surprisingly, and most memorable was the state I was in when the Church and I received a blessed answer from the most powerful PROPHET OF THE LORD. Not only did I receive an answer from the Mighty Prophet and DVDS of the Lord’s teachings, but also an invitation from the Man of God Himself, to attend the upcoming August 2013, Mega Miracle Crusade in Nakuru, Kenya.

Seven days before the Mega Miracle Meeting of the Lord I received the invitation from the Man of God and thankfully, my wife and I had sufficient financial provision. As a result, my wife and I, and three (3) of our sisters began the process of seeking transportation for our spiritual adventure. Little did we know what an odyssey would become of our efforts to reach the final destination.

Day 1

The first day, Friday, we tried the conventional route of obtaining discounted tickets through a local travel agency. However, because of problems with blocked “blue cards” we opted to ask our sister Gina to obtain the electronic tickets for travel, but to no avail. Unfortunately, we were stuck in a “red period” and could accept the only available route to Kenya by way of Brazil.

Day 2 and Day 3

Saturday we began without flight reservations or a ticket in hand. So again, by faith, we went to a local bank, withdrew the necessary funds, and took a tumultuous trip to a travel agency in Macapa, Brazil. Once there, we were able to cement our travel arrangements and acquired the tickets for our group to Kenya via Brazil.

Back home, later that evening, we had an all-night prayer vigil which extended into dawn on Sunday the following day. About thirty (30) people participated in a powerful night of intercession and spiritual warfare for the nation. During that period of time the Great Comforter ministered to many of us through words of knowledge and visions of the Lord. For instance, God revealed to me a Masonic compass shaped wall, before which the group could not pass. And my wife, including other sisters, saw siren demons with red hair and blue skins as we faced the Atlantic oceanfront. Our prayers broke through and Jesus Christ responded by causing us to be victorious.

Isaiah 9:5 “For every battle of the warrior is with confused noise, and garments rolled in blood; but this shall be with burning and fuel of fire.”

Day 4

Monday, morning we travelled from Cayenne to St. George on a winding and dangerous road. We crossed the Oyapock River in a small wooden boat for 15 minutes and procured the visa at the border of Brazil in the city of Oyapock, which is a small town within Garimpéros and deemed to be dangerous. Once our passports were stamped with a visa to enter Brazil, we rented a 4×4 pickup truck with a driver.

We found ourselves on a 650 km muddy, poorly maintained, laterite road. We proceeded to travel 100 km on a paved road twelve (12) hours in the middle of the jungle and over sixty (60) small rivers and wooden bridges in poor condition. Suddenly, after five (5) hours of road travel, a mechanical roar was heard in the 4×4 pickup. The mechanical part of the “steering shaft” broke apart and derailed the vehicle potentially causing it to roll several times because the road was unpredictable and rough.

The car was left in disarray as the driver managed to keep control of the vehicle while travelling at a speed of 130 km/hr (80 miles per hour). We found ourselves stranded and without a mechanism to communicate with the “outside” world, and there was no one to help in site. Consequently, we devised a make-shift “steering shaft” with branches of wood and lianas found in nature. We found ourselves on a neighboring Indian property in the middle of the Amazon jungle with all the unknown dangers surrounding us. The “steering shaft’s” repairs consumed more than one hour of time and we still had three-fourths of the journey left. But All the Glory belongs to GOD for He was ever-present among us.

Day 5

Tuesday, after a brutal twelve (12) hour drive we miraculously arrived in the city of Macapa, Brazil, at a hotel in the middle of the night. In the morning, sister Gina had a powerful vision of a great archangel with a white beard and a big white flag. He pricked the ground while standing. Shortly after her retelling of the vision to us we received an email from the Archbishop, Dr. Onjoro relaying a powerful message from the Mighty Prophet. He said, “Stay in peace, everything will go well.”

We left the hotel and met with the fifth person in our group, and then went to the travel agency to pick up our reserved tickets. To our dismay the agency informed us that no tickets were recorded or validated and that all the planes were booked. All morning a great tension was noticeable with the various twists we experienced. The travel agent brought us hope by continuing, against all odds, to find seats for five (5) passengers. In the afternoon, a miraculous solution came directly from heaven and the following route was found.

• Macapa / Belem duration: 2hrs.

• Belem / Sao Paulo Duration: 7hrs.

• Sao Paulo / South Africa time: 9hrs.

• South Africa / Kenya duration: 6hrs.

Duration Total: Twenty-four (24) hours

We left the agency running with all our might and speed! It took twenty (20) minutes for us to drive out of town and forty (40) minutes by air to get to Belem, Brazil. Praise the Lord, we managed to board the airplane at the last possible moment. Upon the arrival at our new destination we slept one night at a hotel in the middle of a neighborhood that was very turbulent and insecure.

Day 6

After much needed sleep, we traveled to Sao Paulo where we lunched in the airport. Later that evening, at the time of baggage check-in to Johannesburg the agent informs us that the Nairobi International airport is closed due to an unusual fire that made international headlines. In addition, the passport of one in our group had expired resulting in a cancellation of all the group’s tickets to Kenya. An icy wind was felt by all and some were even tempted to return to Guiana and abandon the journey altogether.

Despite our plea to the agent, the recommended options were to cancel all flights or contact the Embassy of France in Brazil. The latter solution was impossible because we had tried to reach the French Embassy by phone without success: the offices had been closed. We were hanging in a state of despair knowing the plane to Johannesburg was leaving within the next 30 minutes!

Being led by the Holy Spirit, Pastor Ruddy, without knowing any specific office or personnel at the airport, walked into the middle of a corridor reserved for staff where he discovered another desk dedicated for airline travel to Johannesburg, Africa.

Finding himself face to face with an agency secretary, Pastor Ruddy explained to her the extenuating circumstances we were up against. Her initial response provided no remedy at all to our situation. In God’s perfect timing, the branch manager then arrived.

Once informed by the secretary, the official also told Pastor Ruddy that we were confronted with two irresolvable problems. The first being the expired passport and the second being the closure of Nairobi’s International Airport due to the damaging fire. More than twenty minutes had elapsed in this office, and despite our insistence efforts the manager was adamant with his refusal.

At this last moment, the LORD manifested great faith in Pastor Ruddy and encouraged him not to leave the office. Next, an inspired thought came upon Pastor Ruddy to proffer up a solution to the manager in charge by suggesting the production of a new ticket for the group with the final destination of Nairobi instead of Johannesburg.  At first the manager was surprised and declined the idea saying that the decision would be too risky for him. Then Pastor Ruddy persisted as the manager left his office and returned three times, declining every attempt in faith by our group.

Hallelujah, Proverbs 21:1 says, “The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will.”

So the fourth time God breathed a miracle into the manager and he agreed to personally commit to producing new bundled tickets to South Africa for the group. Fortunately our group still had 5 minutes to board the plane with registered transportation to Johannesburg.

2 Corinthians 5: 7 proclaims, “For we walk by faith, not by sight.”

As we traveled to Johannesburg, we contemplated the shocking events which transpired within the last several days. Never before had we experienced such “DIVINE” intervention in our entire lives before. Surely the Mighty Hand of Jehovah, Himself, was upon us each and every step of the way.

Upon arrival in Johannesburg, we found ourselves in the middle of a sea of people waiting to board a flight to Nairobi. The South African authorities were notifying everyone that the Nairobi International Airport was closed until further notice because of the extensive fire damage. As a result, we were instructed to find our own individual accommodations; thus, delaying the schedule until work was completed at Nairobi’s receiving Airport.

Disheartened, we realized the presence of many obstacles that we couldn’t overcome. We did not have the proper amount of finances in hand for shelter, neither were we dressed appropriately since the temperature had gotten much colder. At this point, we decided to try and seek shelter, but the only available hotel within the vicinity was a 5 star hotel within the airport.

As we continued to walk the airport, by faith, a Kenyan man joined us in our quest for sleeping arrangements as a temporary solution for the evening. What happened next was a truly unforeseen event.

The Miracles of GOD Continued!

“I confess that my pockets were completely drained after all the previous expenditures.” As we approached a 5 star hotel the gentleman offered to provide for our accommodations. In hind sight, we Praise Jesus, that through our unworthiness and weaknesses, God by HIS Sovereignty and Omnipotence, created yet another opportunity to “show Himself strong on our behalf…” (2 Chronicles 16:9) Upon entering the room, we felt transported by the supernatural sky.

Day 7

We were so travel weary that the restorative sleep almost caused us to miss the following morning rendezvous with the South African authorities at the airport. We ran towards the group of people waiting to board for Nairobi. This time there weren’t any answers from the available airport personnel. The constant delays brought a cloud of uncertainty and anxiety over the whole group.

Finally at midday, news of the International Airport of Kenya opening had been broadcast. The passengers rushed the recording luggage station. However, a new challenge awaited us at the recording station. We began thinking about our new bundled airfare that was edited in Sao Paulo on which the final destination stopped at Johannesburg, and not Nairobi, Kenya. While an officer proceeded to check our luggage and tickets, a computer failure suddenly occurred.

The agent at the gate tried several times to launch recovery software, but without any success. Until the last moment our faith was tested in full. We were also praying in our hearts that another reason would not arise to cancel our trip. After many attempts to register, the agent suddenly made the decision without any rational explanation to produce a new group ticket, bypassing the administrative errors of our travel documents! We were all in shock beholding this unbelievable scene.

Armed with our boarding tickets we profusely thanked this agent. Now running toward the plane we were laughing and crying for joy because we were among the last passengers to board. A sense of relief and hope had invaded us.

From the airplane, beholding the Kilimanjaro Mountains I realized that these five (5) days of travel were a real spiritual ascent on a mountain. I did not know what to expect in Kenya because this whole journey had been fueled purely by faith.

Arrival in the Land of Revival!

Eyewitness testimony (Deut 19:15, 2 Cor 13:1) from Pastor Ruddy Montanede.

I was curious but didn’t really know who the powerful PROPHET OF THE LORD was, nor the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness. Neither the enormity of the message of the Lord Jehovah for this hour.

The moment we stepped onto the earth in Kenya, a powerful anointing coupled with the Holy fear of GOD ALMIGHTY permeated every single atom of my being. This over-powering anointing manifested to me personally in several ways. Predominantly, I had the sensation of the ground physically moving underneath my feet. Perhaps small tremors were occurring, I thought to myself. No, it was akin to walking on waves of water that gently flowed underfoot as they lap against the oceans shore.

At first I thought fatigue was settling over me, but GLORY to GOD, MOST HIGH! The Holy Anointing that brings HIS Presence surrounded me the entire stay.

After collecting our personal belongings, we left the baggage area of the airport. Wading through the sea of humanity, to our surprise and relief, we beheld a “greeting team” from the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness holding a placard etched with the words, “Pastor Ruddy.” At that moment, strong, unexplainable emotions invaded me along with the group. An overwhelming, inexpressible joy had finally rested upon all.

ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH began a time of spiritual renewal and restoration for us and French Guiana!!!

The extraordinary “greeting team” of the Lord’s Mighty PROPHET welcomed us in a loving and comforting Christ-like manner. Impressed with the loving hospitality of the reception, we then traveled the road to our final destination, Nakuru, Kenya. That evening, as we pulled up to a wonderful hotel in Nakuru, the same Anointed Presence filled with HOLY fear seized me yet again.

A new “greeting team” lovingly cared for us by attending to our luggage and showing us to our rooms. Again the all-consuming Presence of GOD enveloped me with ever more intensity. The rooms were superior to any hotel for they were prepared with a palpable presence of GOD’S love, anointing, and caring attention.

One thing stood out to me immediately; I had gone into a heavenly presence which I’ve never experienced previously in my lifetime. After sleeping like babies, we joined the bus to go to the stadium in Nakuru.

We understood that the LORD’S Mighty Prophet and Ministry had a global reach. But we had not realized the magnitude of this event until we found ourselves on a bus that was included in the Prophetic Procession of the “powerful PROPHET OF THE LORD”. As far as the eye could see, there were huge crowds on both sides of the road radiating the holiness and love of the LORD.

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the enormity of this event was confirmed at the Altar of the Meeting in Nakuru. Millions of people were waiting for the JEHOVAH’S miraculous intervention. Throughout the two day crusade the powerful anointing of the Lord continued to fill me in the same way. Often I found myself questioning people around as to whether they were feeling tremor-like sensations on the ground. Slowly I began to understand and experience all the biblical promises given by Jesus for the end of time. All became increasingly clear to me about the manifestation of end time saints.

I realized they existed and that God had sent his last Prophet for this final end-time season. Like puzzle pieces being put in place, clarity of the prophetic time line we are currently experiencing had been revealed. Indeed I missed the major element of CHRIST back in Kenya, the revelation of his powerful Prophet, and the realization of the largest global spiritual awakening of all time, in the history of the Bible!

Miracles and wonders rained without interruption, a shocking avalanche came upon us every moment. The desire to passionately announce all over the Earth that “JESUS IS ALIVE” overflows the soul. Following the crusade, the powerful PROPHET OF THE LORD invited every bishop, pastor, and international leader to a conference. There the Man of GOD shared Heavenly Manna concerning the imminent Return of Jesus Christ.

These teachings were of the highest spiritual caliber that we had never heard before. At last, I discovered the true message of the end times through the spoken Word by the powerful PROPHET OF THE LORD. This message of the LORD had such an impact in our lives that almost instantly the message triggered the collective will of our entire group to go through the waters of baptism. In wanting to make a real break with our past lives at all costs renewal by baptism was paramount.

Just after our water baptism, the powerful PROPHET OF THE LORD blessed us. A number of recommendations were given to us by the Lord through HIS Servant. Afterwards, Pastor Ruddy invited the powerful PROPHET OF THE LORD to French Guiana for a healing crusade. The SERVANT OF JEHOVAH validated the request to devote the pastor and his wife for the ministry and for their wedding.

We had been powerfully effected by JEHOVAH during prayer by HIS powerful PROPHET. The Mighty PROPHET OF THE LORD escorted us to our bus then blessed us once again. For the first time in my life I felt the spiritual burden of French Guiana’s sin. I fell into a deep sob as never before into the arms of my wife who was present. I begged GOD for HIS Mighty Servant to do an urgent visit BEFORE HIS SON’S Return.

The return trip back home was made without any obstacles at all including the issue with our sister’s expired passport. We arrived in Guiana in record time without even feeling the effects of the flights.

REVIVAL has begun for French Guiana BEFORE THE RETURN OF CHRIST!

United States Pastor Witnesses HIV AIDS Healed and Leper Cleansed

I saw the cripples get up and walk, and I was humbled. I saw the blind receive their sight, and I was amazed. I heard the mute speak, and the deaf hear (in fact an entire village school for the deaf had their ears opened by the mighty Holy Spirit) and I was stunned. I witnessed a myriad of HIV AIDS cases healed that were certified by several medical doctors and the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) based in Atlanta. They held PCR test results in hand (the ultimate gold standard) and tomes of government documentation. Drama of biblical proportions unfolded before my very eyes when a leper was cleansed, and I was completely undone.

Leper (Baby Shalin) at altar healed on site Kakamega Kenya 2012, astonishing!

But where were the rest of the American pastors at this global revival of Joel 2:28? There were three million people in attendance at Kakamega (Kenya) and the pastors attending represented every continent. In fact, the church from the island of Malta dwarfed the U.S. church. Is it because the healings were free of charge; paid for by the blood of the mighty Lamb of God? Has the American church become drunk with pride (James 4:6, Proverbs 29:23) in its materialistic pursuit at the pulpit that they have grown numb to sin, and dumb in spirit?The answer is simple: As powerful as the miracles were and as amazing as the healings were nothing was more obvious than the resplendent Holiness of the LORD and His Righteousness (Heb 12:14).

Today, 2012, Leprosy healed on the way Luke 17:14.

Today 2012 Leprosy healed on the way Luke 17:14.

The message for the United States church is clear and urgent: Run now, prepare for the coming of the Messiah! Trade in the Versace’s and Armani’s for sackcloth and ashes. It is time to repent. It is time to present before the King of Kings for Jesus is certainly at the door, and time is evaporating. We have unimpeachable testimony that the words of the LORD’s prophets are now fulfilled in real time. In fact, the LORD has sent us ‘Elijah before the great and dreadful day of the LORD,’ (Malachi 4:5).

Trading in Armani's and Versace's for sackcloth

Now we know that there are no modern Christians in heaven for there is no modern God in heaven. It is time to walk in holiness and spend the currency of righteousness. Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever!

Prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah!

It is here, it is now, and it is simply beyond belief:  Announcing the Triumphant End Time Revival prophesied by Joel 2:28!

Preparing the garment, Revelation 19:8.

On a vast grassy plain, millions of people from various tribes, tongues, and countries gather in miraculous order, with a single hearted purpose to worship the LORD.  Weeks of preparations included worship, prayer, repentance, and fasting (even dry fasting), and of course, more repentance.


After two days He will revive us; On the third day He will raise us up. Hosea 6:2.


Then for three days and three nights, using only the canopy of heaven above as the evening shelter, continuous worship ensues accompanied by instruments, singing, and joyful noises unto the LORD. Afterwards the spirit of Elijah arrives (Dr. Owuor the LORD’s end time prophet) and almost immediately the cripples begin to walk, the blind receive sight, the deaf hear, the mute speak, and HIV is healed, though not necessarily in that order.

The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house, Haggai 2:9.


Joy breaks out in massive waves with weeping and laughter sprinkled throughout as the Holy Spirit visits. Not one single penny changes hands and not one offering is taken. The gospel of Jesus Christ, the healing, and the meeting are all free of charge. It was paid for at the rugged cross of Calvary: Righteousness is the only currency that matters here.


The latter rain! Joel 2:23, 1 Kings 18:1.


Holy rain falls after the mighty Prophet of the LORD prays for it, and this occurs while those outside of the meeting remain dry: it actually rains only in the meeting and puzzles all who go to these meetings just to verify this one miracle. Doctor’s with certified HIV healing reports (PCR’s) stand by the ready to verify others.


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Seek the Kingdom of God First! Matthew 6:33.


This end time revival is focused on the Kingdom of God and His Holiness. The miracles are to confirm the Word of the LORD so that the church might enter the Kingdom of God and not recycle back to sin. It is not for show business, it is not for money, and it is certainly not for building one’s own kingdom.


Prepare the way, the Messiah is coming!


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