Vision of the Rapture, Prophecy Alert, Prophet Dr. David Owuor, 2014!

Rapture Prophecy Alert, by Prophet Dr. David Owuor, 2014
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On May 4th, 2014 night, the LORD spoke with me in a very tremendous and unusual way, in which I saw the mighty vision of GOD regarding events about to happen. In that vision, The LORD all of a sudden took me to a place at which HE asked me to look up into the sky. When I looked up into the sky, I was very stunned to witness The GLORY OF THE LORD so intense like the sun, in a bright clear summer day. However, as I looked up into the sky, I quickly noticed that The GLORY OF THE LORD that was coming as a matter of fact radiated with great intensity and power downwards from heaven to the earth. The GLORY I saw radiating from heaven beamed patterns of glorious rays that emerged from the LORD in heaven. The rays of GLORY were so brilliant that I could not face with my eyes. That GLORY OF GOD that came from heaven was so powerful that it ran across the entire sky. The rays of GLORY shot out with so much intensity that they literally beamed the entire earth.

As the GLORY OF THE LORD radiated from heaven, it was as bright as the sun so I could not face it with my eyes. That GLORY OF GOD that beamed towards the earth was in spectacular glorious rays that constructed a dome-like formation over the entire sky and covering unto the ends of the earth. When I saw how the tail ends of those beams of GLORY touch the entire horizon of the earth all around, then I realized that no living creation on this earth will escape this event. That is the point at which the Voice Spoke from heaven saying,


At that moment, when I looked towards my left, I saw that MASSIVE GLORY OF THE LORD flashing like lightening from the sky in the direction facing east. The beaming of the Massive GLORY OF THE LORD that I saw happened in a flash in the twinkling of an eye. After the GLORY flashed twice like lightening in the east direction, I vividly remember that the LORD made me know that the church out there was as a matter of fact not

READY; even as The MESSIAH came! In that tremendous vision, the LORD indeed shook me when HE lamented that the church which was not prepared missed the rapture. That is when the LORD made me know how sad HE felt in HIS heart that the church was not ready at the advent of the Messiah. The

LORD JEHOVAH at that time transferred HIS sadness into my heart and I felt the melancholy of HIS Heart to the extent that I could bear no more! That is what caused me to break down, and bitterly weep while throwing myself severally on the ground! I still remember too well that I wept on uncontrollably for a very long time on the ground! In that vision, the LORD made me know right away that the reason the church was not ready is because she had not yet devoted her life to holiness, and neither had she embraced HIS unfailing righteousness. What clearly emerged out of this vision is the fact that I have heard the VOICE

OF THE ARCHANGEL HIMSELF audibly announcing THE COMING OF THE MESSIAH. However, we should never lose sight of the fact that the LORD is Saying that there will soon be a tremendous event that will constitute the greatest sign and wonder ever witnessed on the earth. This event will soon happen in the skies above the earth and will stun the entire the earth in a manner not seen before. Needless to say, the LORD is grieved at the unprepared state of the church. In other words, HE is Saying that the church is not yet mature, perfect, without spot, without stain, without wrinkle, to enter HIS Kingdom. Upon waking up, I panicked and felt very sad for the church because I have already seen the majority miss the rapture. May those who have ears, listen to the Voice of The LORD!

6 thoughts on “Vision of the Rapture, Prophecy Alert, Prophet Dr. David Owuor, 2014!

    1. Pastor Lou Post author

      Amen, Brother Victor! Let us prepare in the Wilderness of Repentance with the door posts of our hearts covered with the precious blood of the Lamb without defect.

  1. collins kiprotich

    I repent of all my sins for I am one of those who are not ready,may the Lord have mercy on me and fill me with the Holy Spirit that I may be found ready when that day comes.Amen


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