God’s Leading Through the Cloud By Prophet Dr.Owuor

The present-day church needs to pray for grace, in order that they may be led by the Holy Spirit, just like Israel was guided in the wilderness. When JEHOVAH descended in the Cloud of HIS Glory on December 31st, 2012, HE essentially brought HIS leading into the present-day church of Christ. And to best underscore just how significant that wilderness visitation on Israel was, we see that it is that encounter, that defined Israel as GOD’S covenant people. Today too, JEHOVAH has descended in The Cloud of HIS Glory at the Kisumu Revival, in a manner that perfectly mirrors Israel’s wilderness encounter. It is this kind of spiritual dichotomy, that conjoins Israel and the church at the hip, in their relationship with JEHOVAH. If the LORD could come all the way from heaven in order to lead Israel in her most desperate moment, then it goes without saying that even on this occasion, JEHOVAH will indeed wrought for the church at this most needy hour. This time too, the arrival of the Cloud of GOD’S Glory must have certainly come down to bring GOD’S leading into the present-day church.

It is then plausible to highlight here that, just as JEHOVAH used HIS wilderness Cloud to define Israel as HIS chosen people, so has HE come to carve-off HIS holy elect church of this hour. In that way, the LORD hence intends to use HIS leading through this December 31st, 2012 Cloud, to clearly define, and reveal unto this generation, who exactly the true sons of GOD are.

For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God (Romans 8:14).

It is thus going to strictly depend upon the leading of the Holy Spirit for the bearers of GOD’S latter glory to be revealed. The glory of this hour is now symbolized by the stunning December 31st, 2012 Cloud of GOD that descended from heaven. Hence, the glorious church that is designated by the wise virgins who inherit the rapture repentance. Repentance then becomes the scale upon which the oil worthiness of a church will be manifested on the earth.

GODs_LEADING-through-the-CLOUD by Prophet Owuor


While in the wilderness, the children of Israel had to fully submit to this enormous Cloud in order to literally enjoy GOD’S perfect leading, until they entered the Promised Land. Through HIS Spirit that descended in this Cloud, Israel was able to receive daily counsel from JEHOVAH their CREATOR. And in that GOD’S leading, the length of stay in a particular place, and how fast they moved out, were strictly dictated by the LORD. This is because the LORD faithfully led them in the Pillar of Cloud by day, and lit their way in the Pillar of Fire by night.

The LORD went before them by day in a Pillar of Cloud to lead them along the way and by night in a Pillar of Fire to give them light, that they might travel by day and by night (Exodus 13:21).  It is through this Pillar of Cloud by day, and light that luminated their way by night, that Israel received godly counsel and sustained an unparalleled relationship and total dependence on JEHOVAH. And if there was any lesson to be learnt by today’s church, from that astounding wilderness experience, then it would have to be the fact that during the reign of this Fearful Cloud, none of the children of Israel dared question GOD’S Leadership. That invariably implies that, owing to the dreadful revelation they received on Who exactly JEHOVAH is, nobody within the camp ever attempted to contest the Leadership of GOD again. This is owing to the fearful judgment that befell those who once attempted to contest GOD’S Leadership. And they remained a lasting monument unto Israel on the fact that GOD’S Leadership is virtually incontestable. However, based on the aforegoing, a serious tragedy today looms over the current church owing to the spiritual posture she has assumed, in relating to JEHOVAH.

With the present-day body of Christ now fully absorbed in the post-modernism of this age, and the subsequent liberal theology it subscribes to, the enemy appears to have launched a full scale assault upon christian salvation. This is what has fully established apostasy in the present-day church. With such a decay in place, one then wonders how this generation can ever emulate the total submissiveness that Israel displayed before the LORD. It must be said that only by fully submitting to HIS command, did Israel receive the leading counsel of JEHOVAH on a daily basis.

How then does a rebellious church of this nature access GOD’S Leading in these perilous days? On the contrary, by virtue of her decayed salvation, the act in today’s church, amounts to a direct contestation of GOD’S Leadership. It is as though the present-day church has succeeded in flouting every command that was handed down to her, and consequently incorporated heedlessness and lawlessness into  christian salvation. In this pitiful condition, there is no way the present-day church can claim her eternity with GOD.


The Path of the Red Sea

For Israel, their desperate experience in Egypt appears to have highly informed the way in which they handled the encounter with GOD’S Cloud, on a daily basis. Given that their life in Egypt was largely defined by brutal slavery, then it is understandable that there arose a dire need for GOD’S leading in the camp. While they had been fully accustomed to total submission and the taking of daily command from their Egyptian slave masters, now Israel was confronted with a totally new challenge that was never anticipated. This posed a challenge that emanated out of the fact that now the children of Israel had to learn to live their lives in total freedom and liberty for the first time, away from their slave masters. This liberty ‘to do what you want’, presented a humongous problem which the Israelites would have to overcome for order to prevail within the camp. Albeit, JEHOVAH had to come down HIMSELF in the Cloud, in order to give them HIS command for purposes of achieving that desired orientation and order. The picture that clearly emerges here, is that in which the movement of the Cloud of GOD is what fully determined the movement of the Israelites. In that way, GOD ALMIGHTY used HIS Cloud in order to institute HIS righteous command that helped safely navigate the Israelites. When HE commanded them to stop, they stopped. And yet we further note that the duration of the Cloud on the Tabernacle also determined the period of their rest. Which implies that GOD’S leading embodies compassion to the
extent that HE well knows when one needs rest, and re-nourishment, in their journey of salvation.

The Israelites too needed to regain strength in order to take on the next stretch in their journey to the Promised Land. And because the Cloud withdrew either by day or by night as they journeyed, one can then clearly see that Israel’s strict adherence to this Cloud is what put them on GOD’S divine path. When the Cloud tarried for weeks or months or a year, and for that period there was no movements as they obediently and fearfully observed the counsel of the LORD. In so doing, we see that the LORD indeed chose to lead HIS people by the Cloud and Pillar of Fire along HIS Own pre-determined path.

GOD’S leading then, deliberately chose the path of the Red Sea for a specific purpose. What is most astounding though, is Israel’s uncommon obedience to follow this Cloud with unfailing zeal and resilience. Having appreciated their faithfulness, JEHOVAH then decided to choose this path of the Red Sea, in order to bless their unwavering faithfulness to HIS command. And as they obediently followed GOD’S Leading along the path of the Red Sea, the LORD then drowned the Egyptians that had been in hot pursuit for them. Likewise, we see the example when the LORD Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness, to be tempted by satan, in order to defeat the devil, and finally drown the adversary in that wilderness ‘Red Sea’.

Then Jesus was led (guided)
by the [Holy] Spirit into the
wilderness (desert) to be
tempted (tested and tried) by
the devil (Matt 4:1). And HE said

Then the devil departed from
Him, and behold, angels came and
ministered to Him.
(Matthew 4:11).

What lessons does the church learn from this? Here too we see that by descending  from heaven in HIS most fearsome Cloud, GOD ALMIGHTY must have intended to come down on that December 31st, 2012, in order to institute HIS righteous command into the church. This awesome visitation of the Cloud of  GOD at Kisumu is what literally set in motion the commencement of a serious spiritual restructuring  program in the house of the LORD. And going by Israel’s experience with this Cloud, we today perceive the eloquent message that the Cloud of JEHOVAH is conveying to the present-day church. Owing to the fact that the current church has indeed gone astray, then this historic visitation is undoubtedly intended to redesign a new path for the present-day christian believer.

Needless to say though, is the fact that today’s church has indeed operated on a different spiritual order that is far removed from that original path JEHOVAH had ordained for her. GOD’S initial plan intended to direct the church along the Calvary path that her Egyptian adversaries maybe crucified on the Calvary Cross, as she enters her promised eternity. Therefore, by following a different path from that charted out by the LORD, today’s church has hence vividly gone astray.

The million dollar question then becomes, how will today’s lost church attain her ‘path of the Red Sea’ at this hour of tempest? And while on a different path from GOD’S Leading, how then will JEHOVAH drown her ‘Egyptian slave masters’ who are evidently in hot pursuit of her? The Egyptian slave masters are accustomed to abusing the church and using her to accomplish their evil lives/agenda. They are bent on taking the church back to Egypt. This should serve as a serious lesson and warning to the present-day priesthood that seems to crave for everything worldly inside the church of Christ. The lust for money has in the process robbed the church off her purity as pastors commercialize the gospel. They are essentially teaching the Egyptian-kind of a gospel of large pots of meat and large cucumbers. Moreover, the devil has taken advantage of her greed for earthly prosperity and presented to her the providence of delusion. This decay has been capitalized on by the adversary in order to lead the present-day church astray and farthest from GOD’S path. No wonder today’s church is farthest from GOD ALMIGHTY.


Advantages of Following God’s Leading/The Cloud

When the LORD Jesus appeared in the most humble way, in that Bethlehem manger, HE came to show us the path of GOD’S leading. Along this path of GOD’S leading, the LORD Jesus would ensure that HE draws the church into the highway of holiness. This highway that is well celebrated in Isaiah 35: 8-9, denotes the  path of godliness and righteousness. However, upon showing us this straight way to heaven, that passes through the Cross, HE indeed accomplished HIS mission, and surrendered the church unto the leading of the Holy Spirit. It is this leading of the Holy Spirit, that has now been greatly manifested through the Cloud that visited on that December 31st, 2012. This Cloud has since then become the hallmark of the much anticipated latter visitation in the church. However, owing to what is now at stake regarding the  coming of the Messiah, GOD ALMIGHTY HIMSELF found it fit to descend on that December 31st, into the  church, in order to shepherd the church into HIS heavenly destination of rapture. And in this divine  shepherding by GOD HIMSELF, there are some notable advantages that accrue. Earlier on, Israel had enjoyed such trapping under the auspices of GOD’S Leading in the wilderness. First and foremost, we see that when Israel was shepherded by the LORD’S leading in the wilderness, she never ever went astray.  That can only imply that if today’s church would equally harken to GOD’S leading through this December 31st Cloud, then she would for sure never go astray.

The LORD is the Good Shepherd, and there can never be any better. But when He, the Spirit of Truth (the Truth-giving Spirit) comes, He will guide you into all the Truth (the whole, full Truth). For He will not speak His own message [on His own authority]; but He will tell whatever He hears [from the Father; He will give the message that has been given to Him], and He will announce and declare to you the things that are to come [that will happen in the future]. (John 16:13)
Moreover, it is GOD’S leading through this Cloud that has the capacity to make christians remain steadfast on the holy and righteous way of the LORD. In so doing, GOD’S leading is what would effectively prevent today’s church from making wrong judgments in this evil world.


Spiritual Blindness

We hence see very clearly that GOD’S visitation through the Cloud of December 31st, was essentially designed to provide the Master Road Map for the entry of the church into the kingdom of heaven. Today, it is common practice to employ electronic car navigators, that have the ability to talk back to drivers,  regarding whether or not they are still on the right course. Likewise, the LORD has presented HIMSELF in this Monumental Cloud as the Master road navigator for today’s church, that she never lose her way again, and eventually arrive at her heavenly destination. In her current condition, the  present-day church is assuredly in desperate need of GOD’S Leading. While this modern church may be well known for a  myriad of unbefitting features, one of them however stands out above the rest; Her spiritual blindness. It is unfortunately that today the church has been totally blinded by the present day post-modern world.  This is what accounts for why today’s christians can now wilfully watch secular movies, engage in interfaith relationships, go out on dating, dress immorally, drink alcohol, smoke cigarette, and go to  beaches in the most obscene dressings, without any fear whatsoever. As this goes on, the pastors are fully deluded into the pursuit for money by preaching a worldly gospel of prosperity, that has no power of deliverance. It is this appalling form of spiritual blindness that has caused the believers not to find the path of righteousness that was originally charted out for her on the Cross. In this most degrading  condition, the present-day church indeed desperately needs GOD’S  Leading in order to retrace her path and recapture her vision for heavenly rapture.

And I will bring the blind by a
way that they know not; I will
lead them in paths that they have
not known. I will make darkness
into light before them and make
uneven places into a plain. These
things I have determined to do
[for them]; and I will not leave
them forsaken. (Isaiah 42:16).
21 And your ears will hear a word
behind you, saying, This is the
way; walk in it, when you turn to
the right hand and when you turn
to the left. (Isaiah 30:21)



Meaning to Life

Furthermore, it is GOD’S Leading through this Glorious Cloud of HIS presence, that wields the capacity to provide meaning to today’s christian life. This is especially most critical in this day and age when life seems to have totally lost its meaning. During their journey through the wilderness, the children of Israel had equally lost meaning to life. This was courtesy of their dwindling supplies, an uncomfortable condition in which they found themselves after many days in the wilderness. It is this serious state of lack and depravity, that led to a great disquiet, and mutiny in the camp. However, when the LORD responded to their anxiety by coming down HIMSELF in the Cloud, then HE began to replenish Israel’s supplies on a daily basis. They were now under the watchful eyes of the LORD HIMSELF, for He had now observed an open heaven over Israel.

This underscores that only in the path of GOD’S Leading is there access to HIS divine unlimited  providence. From this, the church can take home a lasting lesson on GOD’S everlasting providence, and cease the corrupt attempts to fend for herself. Therefore, GOD’S Leading through this December 31st, 2012 Cloud of visitation, becomes a major pronouncement of HIS capacity to eradicate the current financial and material despair that has corrupted the church. In so doing, the LORD HIMSELF is restoring meaning to a noble christian lifestyle.

Considering that today’s Christians have also become a desperate lot whose prayers seem to conclave around physical provision, then one can comfortably deduce that by descending in HIS Cloud on that December 31st, 2012, not only did the LORD come down to navigate the path of the Christian journey, but also revive her livelihood. This, the LORD is doing by restoring meaning to her salvation through the provision of abundant spiritual and hence physical resources from heaven. This endtime restoration and revival presents an open affront to the present-day status quo that has for a long time prevailed in the church. In the present day status quo, the church has opted to be led by their senses, and not by GOD. A fleshy form of salvation of this nature, is what the mighty fearsome Cloud of GOD descended to rebuke on that December 31st, 2012 in the Kisumu Revival.

They feast on the abundance
of your house; you give them
drink from your river of delights
(Psalms 36:8).


God’s Leading Establishes The Credentials Of Church

When the LORD saw that the burden Moses bore for the children of Israel was beginning to overwhelm, HE decided to devolve some of the responsibilities to the elders. That become the watershed moment when the LORD commanded Moses to raise forth some credible elders for Israel, during her journey in the wilderness. In full compliance to that command Moses chose 70 elders of sound standing, from among the Israelites in the wilderness.

16 Then the Lord said to Moses,
“Gather for me seventy men of
the elders of Israel, whom you
know to be the elders of the
people and officers over them,
and bring them to the tent of
meeting, and let them take their
stand there with you. 17 And I will
come down and talk with you
there. And I will take some of
the Spirit that is on you and put it
on them, and they shall bear the
burden of the people with you, so
that you may not bear it yourself
alone (Numbers 11:16-30).


The purpose for appointing this council of elders, was that they may help Moses administer certain aspects of living among the children of Israel in the camp. After raising the 70 elders, all of a sudden, Moses faced a big resentment and contestation from the Israelites in the wilderness. Having been  accustomed to taking instructions from Moses alone, the children of Israel found it so difficult to submit to another line of authority. Hence on their own volition, they opted to reject the entire  leadership of the 70 appointed elders. That is the time when the LORD decided to intervene on behalf of Moses, in order to quell the unrest. And in that response, the Cloud of the LORD descended upon the tent, and the LORD instructed Moses to take the 70 elders with him. However, two of the elders remained in camp, and did not manage to go with Moses. After meeting the LORD, Moses then led the 70 elders back to the camp of the Israelites. That is when all of a sudden, the Spirit of the LORD fell upon the 70 elders, and they all began to prophesy for a short time.

24 So Moses went out and told
the people the words of the
Lord. And he gathered seventy
men of the elders of the people
and placed them around the tent.
25 Then the Lord came down in
the cloud and spoke to him, and
took some of the Spirit that was
on him and put it on the seventy
elders. And as soon as the Spirit
rested on them, they prophesied.
But they did not continue doing
it. 26 Now two men remained in
the camp, one named Eldad, and
the other named Medad, and the
Spirit rested on them. They were
among those registered, but they
had not gone out to the tent, and
so they prophesied in the camp
(Numbers 11:24-26).

This caused a great shock among the Israelites causing some of them to plead with Moses, that he may  rebuke the elders from prophesying. However, Moses being aware that it was a divine intervention from  the LORD, he did not bother to reprehend them. When the Spirit of the LORD befell the elders and caused them to prophesy, then the Israelites finally feared and revered them. This was because the  children of Israel woke up to the realization that these elders were the chosen and appointed leaders of Israel. It caused the entire camp to fully submit to the leadership of the elders, without showing any more contempt. In that way, GOD’S leading through this Cloud, established the credentials and the authority of the 70 elders, before the Israelites, causing them to fully submit. And from that day on, the Israelites obeyed the elders that worked under Moses.


Restoring Integrity at the Pulpit

Through this astounding episode of the Cloud with Israel, JEHOVAH is in essence instructing HIS Leadership into the church. As was the case with Israel, so it is with the church today. In this context, the LORD is essentially handing down a stern instruction to the present-day church of Christ, regarding the issue of submissiveness to HIS Voice. The LORD is principally asserting HIS great displeasure with the  current loss of integrity at the pulpit, within the church. This is because such a lack of honesty, uprightness, and truthfulness at the pulpit as we witness today, automatically takes away the authority of the power of the gospel that was handed over to us at Calvary. And in that way, GOD ALMIGHTY is exhorting today’s church on the fact that, on the day when she will fully submit to the reproving power of HIS Presence that has descended in the Cloud, that will also be the day of her restoration.

Experiencing a turning point from the current apostasy in the church, therefore, will not come until the present-day church fully submits to the authority of GOD. For that reason, GOD HIMSELF came down all the way from heaven, in HIS fearful Cloud of Glory to Personally Oversee the restoration of the present-day church. That makes December 31st, 2012 a very spectacular day in the calendar of the church, because it will forever be remembered as the day when GOD HIMSELF came down to earth, and into a mega revival meeting. Key to that visitation then, is the fact that the LORD GOD HIMSELF came down to oversee the restoration  of the church, and the consequent preparation of the way for the coming of the Messiah. It is a pronouncement in which GOD HIMSELF has declared HIS Overseership over the activities of the church. To put this into the right perspective, we would have to factor in how such a visitation once came down  to address the issues of insubordination among the Israelites, and the subsequent dent that murmuring, disrespect, unrest attempting to cause on the credentials of Moses. This becomes yet another sober call to the church that she may fully submit to the command of GOD ALMIGHTY, given that HE HIMSELF has now come down to preside over the restoration of righteousness and holiness in the house. Because of the serious lack of confidence that has today befallen the church, we see that many present-day pastors have now opted to go acquire for themselves various degrees and doctorates in theology, in a desperate attempt to boost their diminished stature in society. This pitiful state of affair is what caused JEHOVAH to come down HIMSELF, and address the fall in the church as a matter of urgency.

If only the church and more so the shepherds, could have known that only the LORD has the power to restore their credentials and authority, then the most desired repentance revival would have not delayed a day. As it stands today, the pastors and pulpit, are facing the consequences of unfaithfulness to the righteous command of the LORD (Hebrews 12:14).

Things have gotten so bad that the sheep have lost trust and confidence in the pastors, owing to the  great deception and the preaching of money that has seriously eaten into the pulpit. Moreover, even
the non-christians today have developed serious reservations about integrity of the present-day salvation, let alone the conduct of pastors in the public space. If there was any moment at which the
house of the LORD was in dire need of GOD’S Leading, then it really is now. Lessons are there to be learnt. And there is no way what the lesson that Israel’s unfaithfulness projects into our time, can be forgotten.

Public Relations

It appears as though, instead of turning to GOD for HIS Divine intervention, the present day church has instead designed for herself a worldly public relations machine, in an unprecedented attempt to repair that  blow that has since dented her image, And yet the truth of the matter is that all those human efforts are in vain and will  yield no fruit, unless THE LORD intervenes in this desolate church. Scandals of
sexual sin and immorality have reached unequalled proportions and taken a big bite of the image of the body of Christ. This defamed image of salvation has reached catastrophic levels, to the extent that the present-day church now appears to behold much more sin and wicked ways than the dark world itself.

6 Yet in her wickedness she has
rebelled against my laws and
decrees more than the nations
and countries around her.
She has rejected my laws and
has not followed my decrees.
7 “Therefore this is what the
Sovereign Lord says: You have
been more unruly than the
nations around you and have
not followed my decrees or kept
my laws. You have not even[a]
conformed to the standards of
the nations around you (Ezekiel


To make matters worse, such scams of sexual sin have not spared the pulpit. With all that in place, the  shepherds have ramped up a serious crusade of false apostles and false prophets in the house of the LORD. This cycle is self-perpetrated by the various schools of theology that have relentlessly continued to churn out multitudes of man-made apostles and prophets who in their practice, have displayed no calling whatsoever from the LORD. In this way, corruption and apostasy have become the hallmark of today’s worship. All these vices have taken away the authority with which the pulpit ought to have ministered in these last days. It is for this reason that GOD decided to come down HIMSELF in the Cloud of HIS Glory on that December 31st, 2012. It is a landmark visitation that has now become a clarion call unto the  priesthood to return to the LORD. The Leading of the LORD as at this hour, requires of the church that she goes into a serious and deep repentance that would purge-off the sin and wickedness that has menaced  her. That is the only way in which the credibility and integrity of the church and its pulpit can be restored well enough for her to get back into her mission of  harvesting the souls at this critical hour.


God’s Leading Opens Heaven

Furthermore, GOD’S leading through the Cloud always brings forth a refreshing dispensation of open heaven. We can see that such a visitation of the Cloud, had previously brought forth a major outpour of the Holy Spirit upon the Israelites in the wilderness. When the LORD opened the heavens over the 70 elders, and hence over Israel, and the Spirit of the LORD was poured on them, they prophesied. This can only emulate the oracles that Joel the Prophet later came to write regarding the outpour of the Holy Spirit (Joel 2:28-32). It clearly tells us that the LORD is urging the church to wake up from slumber and  embrace HIS Counsel now that HE has come down in the Cloud. In other words, GOD ALMIGHTY is doing with the church, as HE did with Israel. As for Israel, when GOD HIMSELF came down in the Cloud, HE essentially brought in the major announcement on the coming of the dispensation of open heaven, over Israel. Because the coming of the fearful Cloud of GOD greatly coincides with the long awaited dispensation of the latter anointing, then HIS intention to announce the moment of open heaven should be well understood. Only this dispensation of open heaven, can restore the image and credentials of the church, and her standing that has been heavily dented in the eyes of the nations.


God’s Leadership Abates Wandering

1That night all the members of the
community raised their voices
and wept aloud. 2 All the Israelites
grumbled against Moses and
Aaron, and the whole assembly
said to them, “If only we had died
in Egypt! Or in this wilderness!
3 Why is the Lord bringing us
to this land only to let us fall
by the sword? Our wives and
children will be taken as plunder.
Wouldn’t it be better for us to go
back to Egypt?” (Numbers 14:1-3;
Exodus 16:1-20)


The book of numbers in which the Cloud of GOD’S visitation appears in order to bring divine leadership, practically documents the life of Israel as she travelled from Mt. Sinai to the Promised Land. This segment that runs from Mt. Sinai to the Promised Land, was  not only the most interesting, but also the most challenging in the entire journey. This was primarily owing to the fact that it principally defined the final stretch that the children of Israel had to cover before entering Canaan. However, it is important to also recollect that during Israel’s journey, GOD’S leading became very crucial at this final phase, because it was the stage at which there was so much at stake. It is these final stages of entry that are normally at a very high risk of plunder by the enemy, hence causing the LORD to come down, and Personally take command. And right from  the onset, it would be wise to appreciate the underlying message that GOD’S glory transmits to the church of Christ at this hour. Given that GOD’S Cloud of Glory has in like manner, also come to the church at this hour, then it can only imply that we have entered the final stretch towards the  rapture of the church.

It is important to note that for Israel, it was during this final stretch from Mt. Sinai to the Promised Land, that the wilderness wandering actually took place. It is this random wandering that caused JEHOVAH to be very concerned about the destiny of Israel, and hence bring down HIS Leadership in order to give them a sense of direction. And indeed when JEHOVAH HIMSELF descended in the Cloud at this most critical hour of need, HE shepherded Israel by HIMSELF all the way until their final entry into the  Promised Land.

On a point by point basis, one can clearly see that for the church too, the coming of JEHOVAH HIMSELF in the Cloud, must surely coincide with the most erratic wandering of the present-day church. And sure enough, a quick glance at the conduct of today’s church, reveals a congregation that is wandering up and down the spiritual landscape. With some pastors already colluding with banks to defraud the sheep off their savings in order to secure specific favors, one can only wonder how far this wandering has drifted the church. Coupled with her humiliating sexual sin, false prophets and false apostles, this wandering by today’s church must have struck dangerous proportions owing to the fact that she may as well be on her way back to Egypt without realizing. As if this were not heavy enough to bear, then comes the issue of time. One cannot help but ask the question, is the current church aware that we are within the dying moments of our final entry into our ‘Promised Land’ of heavenly rapture?

For Israel, the appearance of GOD’S Cloud, marked their final stretch towards entry. And hence it goes without saying that this December 31st 2012, visitation of GOD in HIS Cloud, must have come out of a great concern from the LORD over the reckless wandering that today’s church has gone into.


God’s Leading Wards Off Rebellion

Without mincing words, it is possible to outrightly say that among the features that the final stretch from Mt. Sinai to Canaan raise, it is the massive rebellion that Israel staged that towers quite high. The kind of rebellion that Israel brought up against the LORD, was so phenomenal, that it as a matter of fact, still stands out as a major landmark of what consequences insubordination can attract. And that is why GOD’S leading became most crucial at that hour, and more so because it is the hour at which the children of Israel complained most.

1Now the people complained
about their hardships in the
hearing of the Lord, and when
he heard them his anger was
aroused. Then fire from the
Lord burned among them and
consumed some of the outskirts
of the camp. 2 When the people
cried out to Moses, he prayed to
the Lord and the fire died down. 3
So that place was called Taberah,
because fire from the Lord had
burned among them (Numbers

They complained very bitterly about  the journey in a manner that was likely to depict a sense of their  onging to go back to Egypt. Considering that this had essentially been a slave community, whose time in Egypt was quite unpleasant, then one wonders what level of delusion could have entered the camp, for them to have desired Egypt! It would appear as though in the pursuit for a homeland of freedom, Israel began to slowly loose the focus on Canaan, and majorly concentrate on the trials  of the moment. They appeared to have finally resigned to the appreciation of some elusive comfort that they used to enjoy within the Egyptian misery.  GOD ALMIGHTY did not take this lightly. Furthermore, in that final stretch, Israel went on to raise some serious complaint about the food that was provided to them by the LORD. GOD ALMIGHTY had provided them with the daily ration of manna that was sufficient for their normal
livelihood. However, they soon began to murmur about GOD’S provision.


4 The rabble with them began
to crave other food, and again
the Israelites started wailing
and said, “If only we had meat
to eat! 5 We remember the fish
we ate in Egypt at no cost—also
the cucumbers, melons, leeks,
onions and garlic. 6 But now we
have lost our appetite; we never
see anything but this manna!”
(Numbers 11:4-6).
Where can I get meat for all these
people? They keep wailing to me,
‘Give us meat to eat!’
(Numbers 11:13)

The manna bread that JEHOVAH issued from heaven to Israel, on a daily basis, was a matter of fact, a  sweet bread without yeast, whose release indeed symbolized the Sweet Bread of Life that the LORD would later release from heaven into the church at Calvary. Hence, when Israel bitterly complained and rejected the manna that GOD had released from heaven on a daily basis, it too became the actual  symbolism of the Bread of Life that the present-day church would bitterly complain and ultimately reject.

A quick survey of the  church across the globe reveals a sad scenario in which the very church that Christ Jesus delivered from the Cross, has now rejected HIM in the strongest terms. The post-modernism of this age is what has created a new taste among the christians to the extent that they now long for a modernized gospel. This has thoroughly corrupted salvation to the extent that the church that hosts the largest congregations are also the ones that have comfortably incorporated worldly living into their  practice. All this is happening within the backdrop of the common understanding that the gospel Jesus handed down at Calvary was indeed a non-compromised and an unadulterated message of purity in  Salvation. It is these old Calvary gospel of the Cross and the Blood that holds the key to today’s endtime revival.

Nevertheless, the modern christian has rejected it and opted for a sweeter, caramelized and yeasted gospel, that is pleasing and itching to the flesh. Therefore, if Israel in their wilderness experience rejected  the manna from heaven, then how much more rejection of Christ the Bread of Life, has today’s church displayed. Today, the youth churches have been converted into discotheques, and the gospel of purity has become the platform for anointing openly gay pastors. How much more rejection then should today’s church launch against Christ, for them to be considered rebellious?

These indeed are the perilous days that were long well sang, and yet only the True Bread of Life without yeast has the power to deliverance. Moreover, we also see the children of Israel bitterly complain against Moses The Man of GOD. This is because Moses The Man of GOD was the Prophet of the LORD, and hence his position on sin and wickedness must have been very clear and firm. In such a condition, when the Prophet of the LORD does not cede ground, his pronouncements against sin often become ominous. He must have rebuked their sin and rejected their wickedness. In the present-day church of Christ, we have literally witnessed the repeat to biblical scripture. This is because the act of rebellion and complaint that the present day church has waged against the Voice of GOD, is not in any way different from that abominable act Israel committed against Moses The Man of GOD. Because of the rejection of the message of the LORD, the present-day church of Christ has crafted for herself a cartel of false prophets and false apostles, who tell her what she loves to hear. Peace, peace wherein there is no peace.

14 They dress the wound of my
people as though it were not
serious. ‘Peace, peace,’ they say,
when there is no peace. (Jeremiah

And a careful scrutiny as to why the current body of Christ does not embrace the Voice of the LORD,  reveals that it is the message of righteousness and holiness that is detestable to the modern Christian. The church has chosen to survive on the gospel of prosperity and in so doing fulfilled the following  scripture:

1 But mark this: There will
be terrible times in the last
days. 2 People will be lovers of
themselves, lovers of money,
boastful, proud, abusive,
disobedient to their parents,
ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love,
unforgiving, slanderous, without
self-control, brutal, not lovers
of the good, 4 treacherous, rash,
conceited, lovers of pleasure
rather than lovers of God— 5
having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing
to do with such people.
(2 Timothy 3:1-4 ).

The children of Israel did not stop there, since they also proceeded on to complain about the giants in the new land, (Numbers 13:33) and further complained about their leaders (Numbers 16:3), in that wilderness experience. As if that was not enough, they also went ahead to complain about GOD’S judgment  Numbers14:41) and about the desert (Numbers 20: 21). Moreover, they even complained about food and water (Numbers 21:3). Put together, these episodes of rebellion document the darkest hour of great  unbelief of the Israelites during their journey, thereby demanding GOD’S leading for direction. In the same breath, we cannot loose insight of the fact that the current tirade of rebellion as unleashed by the church of Christ, indeed also chronicles the great unbelief of the Christians of this day and age. This too demands GOD’S leading if the present-day church is to ever enter her heavenly Promised Land. Since today’s church has wafted quite far away and astray from the path that the LORD charted for her, then one wonders how she will ever get her way back onto her path of the ‘Red Sea’. And given that she is not on the path of the ‘Red Sea’, how then will the LORD be able to drown her ‘Egyptians’ who are in hot pursuit, into her ‘Red Sea’. This can only imply that a failure to heed GOD’S leading into the present-day church, can only spell doom. Moreover, in going that much astray, the Egyptians will definitely catch up with her and kill her, while taking others captive back to Egypt. The overriding message therefore that  trumpets out of that December 31st, 2012 Cloud of GOD, is none other than REPENT FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND.






Among the Israelites in the wilderness, Korah was well reknown as one of the wealthiest leaders of the Levites, and as a matter of fact, a relative (cousin) to Moses and Aaron. As time went by, and as the LORD began to lay down the leadership structures among the Israelites, Korah all of a sudden began to nurture  some very bitter feelings towards Moses. This was particularly because he felt that despite his influence among the Israelites, he had been greatly sidelined and overlooked in the distribution of key leadership positions.

In his own selfish way, Korah then felt that he had been despised and humiliated. Korah had been seriously eying the honorable and highly coveted office of the high Priest in the house of Jacob. When it finally dawned on him that  he would not be appointed to any serious office, Korah became exceedingly jealous and terribly aggrieved towards Moses, and the entire leadership structure the LORD had put in place. When the reality finally dawned on Korah, that in spite of his wealth,  affluence, and influence, Moses had skipped him; Korah took upon himself to engage in a smear campaign against Moses the Voice of GOD. He launched a dirty campaign against Moses among the Israelites in the camp. In his  campaign strategy, Korah went to the people of the tribe of Reuben, and spent a considerable time justifying to them why Moses was wrong and should not be given audience. This is what caused Korah to sway the opinion of other leaders, and draw them into his evil conspiracy against Moses. Those that easily converted into Korah’s scheme included people like Dathan and Abiram.

This clique formed itself into ringleaders and troublemakers of hostility, estrangement, disaffection, unfriendliness, isolation, division, and bitter rebellion. It became a group that rallied itself around Korah and yet against Moses. They went on to fully engage into a clever campaign that was lubricated by Korah’s wealth, affluence, knowledge, clout and influence. The devil then threw the spanner in the works when Korah and his disciples acquired a unique courage to go out in the public space to openly campaign against the leadership of Moses the Voice of GOD. They portrayed themselves in a crafty way as civil rights  leaders, who were out to fight for and finally champion individual rights, and to prove to the children of Israel that Moses whom they had trusted, was actually repressive. Their ultimate objective was actually to prove to the Israelites, that Moses was not chosen by GOD, and hence an imposter. In other words, Korah and his associates laid out the case that was intended to paint Moses as a SELFPROCLAIMED PROPHET. They claimed that the rule of Moses was actually driven by self-imposition and self-exaltation. Korah and his other ringleaders further went on to allege that there was no difference between Moses and the Israelites, especially that the entire congregation was holy.

And they gathered together against Moses and Aaron, and said to them, [Enough of you!] You take too much upon  yourselves, seeing that all the congregation is holy, every one of them, and  the Lord is among them. Why then do you lift yourselves up above the assembly of the Lord? (Numbers 16:3).
Very much aware of the public allegations Korah had levied upon him, Moses the Man of GOD called for an emergency meeting with Korah and his associates. They however refused to listen to Moses, the Man  of GOD. He prayed and then summoned Korah and his team to prepare to meet GOD. With the highest level of eloquence and clarity, Moses told Korah and his team that on the next day, JEHOVAH GOD would make it plainly clear to all the Israelites, who exactly is called of GOD. And furthermore, Moses  went on to say that in that impending encounter, JEHOVAH would also openly affirm to the entire congregation of  Israel who exactly befitted the priestly office for which Korah was contesting. Then Moses went on to ask all the stakeholders to prepare an offering of incense with which to appear before the LORD OF HOSTS. However, Moses went ahead to warn Korah and his followers, about their evil egos for personal gain, power, honour and glory before the Israelites. But this last ditch effort by Moses bore no fruit, as Korah and his team refused to listen and went on with their evil scheme and contest against the Voice of GOD.

12 And Moses sent to call Dathan
and Abiram, the sons of Eliab,
and they said, We will not come
up.13 Is it a small thing that you
have brought us up out of a land
flowing with milk and honey to
kill us in the wilderness, but you
must also make yourself a prince
over us?14 Moreover, you have
not brought us into a land that
flows with milk and honey or
given us an inheritance of fields
and vineyards. Will you bore out
the eyes of these men? We will
not come up! (Numbers 16:12-14).

God’s Wrath On Rebellion

A Lesson to the Church Come the next day, as all theaggrieved parties assembled themselves with  incense before the LORD at the Tabernacle, Korah and his associates also appeared. Strange enough, and just to underscore the  gravity of this contestation disputation and rebellion, that was levied against  Moses, Korah called upon the entire community that had subscribed to his smear campaign, to come and witness the showdown. That is when Moses the Voice of GOD ordered all the children of Israel to separate from Korah and his team. This separation was also to involve the Israelites separating themselves from anything that belonged to Korah and his team, that the obedient children of Israel may never inherit the curse. Moses knew it too well that a major curse was about to befall those who dare compete with JEHOVAH’S Prophet and attempt to equalize themselves with him. Korah and his team and all their families, including women, children and all their possessions, plus the wealth that had exalted him, were at that critical hour, separated from the rest of Israel. And then Moses uttered the following words:-

28 And Moses said, By this you
shall know that the Lord has sent
me to do all these works, for
I do not act of my own accord:
29 If these men die the common
death of all men or if [only] what
happens to everyone happens to
them, then the Lord has not sent
me.30 But if the Lord causes a new
thing [to happen], and the earth
opens its mouth and swallows
them up, with all that belongs
to them, and they go down
alive into Sheol (the place of the
dead), then you shall understand
that these men have provoked
(spurned, despised) the Lord!31
As soon as he stopped speaking,
the ground under the offenders
split apart. And the earth opened
its mouth and swallowed them
and their households and [Korah
and] all [his] men and all their
possessions.33 They and all that
belonged to them went down
alive into Sheol (the place of
the dead); and the earth closed
upon them, and they perished
from among the assembly.34 And
all Israel who were round about
them fled at their cry, for they
said, Lest the earth swallow us up
also.35 And fire came forth from
the Lord and devoured the 250
men who offered the incense.
(Numbers 16:28-35).
Korah and his associates were indeed buried alive with their wives, children, wealth and possessions,  including plates and cups, in the most terrible death that made everybody among the Israelites terrified and flee for their lives. Immediately following that episode, fire also came down from heaven and devoured the rest.


Aaron’s Budded Rod

After Korah and his henchmen had been swallowed up by the earth, a state of terror consumed the  Israelites in the entire camp. Nevertheless, what is particularly most puzzling, is that yet another group of Israelites launched another serious, rigorous and scathing campaign attacks against Moses. They started  going around the camp saying that Moses had recklessly caused the death of so many leading men among the Israelites. Then the LORD heard them, and sent a deadly PLAGUE that killed many  thousands  of more of those Korah-type REBELS. And this left a lasting footprint of GOD’S unrelenting nature when it comes to anyone trying to compete, or equalize  themselves, or antagonize HIS Prophet. It further shows that whenever the LORD  sends HIS Prophet, that mission would have to be accomplished, NO MATTER THE COST.

The events that followed from here, clearly show that the LORD is never done with you until HE has finally closed the file. In this way, the LORD further on  came out to publicly approve of Aaron’s priesthood. This was to further approve of Moses’ leadership, as he had appointed  Aaron. In that respect, Moses the Voice of GOD then commanded each tribe to bring one rod inscribed with its name, and the Levitical rod to be fully inscribed with Aaron’s name. Moses then carried all the rods into the Tabernacle as everybody fearfully watched on. All the Israelites were now shocked and terrified at the Prophet of the LORD.

Moses asserted unto them that whosoever will have his rod budded, and  blossomed the next day, would be GOD’S chosen priest over Israel. The following morning, all the priests gathered, in great fear and trembling,and entered into the Tabernacle of GOD. And it was then that they all saw Aaron’s rod that had not only budded, but also blossomed and produced fruits; Aaron’s rod produced very ripe almonds. Moses then carried all the rods out of the Tabernacle into the public place,  and displayed them right in front of the entire congregation of the children of Israel. When the entire  congregation saw that only Aaron’s rod had budded and blossomed, the entire house of Jacob Right from the very day when the earth opened its mouth and swallowed up Korah, with all his associates, and all his wealth, together with the cups and plates with which they drank and ate, a lasting lesson regarding insubordination, was indeed imprinted in the hearts of men.

From the aforegoing, we can now see that whenever the LORD sends HIS Voice, to remove a people from the slavery of idol worship and sin, and lead them into the holy worship of JEHOVAH, that mission must always be accomplished, NO MATTER THE COST.

Today too, we see that the church of Christ has committed that very grievous sin of Korah with impunity,  and especially in the way they have turned a deaf ear from that day on, todate, fully submitted under the Levitical priesthood of Aaron, without any single question whatsoever. And from that day on,  the House of Israel feared the Prophet of the LORD. Moses was consequently fully established as the incontrovertible, unmistakable, incomparable, undeniable, and indisputable Prophet of the MOST HIGH GOD. And it became fully established in the House of Jacob that never ever should anybody, ever repeat the sin of Korah and his associates, in the House of Jacob. NOBODY, and I repeat NOBODY, from that day on, could ever dare contest the words of the Prophet of the LORD again. And neither would it be possible from that day on, for anyone to attempt in any way, form or shape, to equalize themselves with the Mighty Prophet of the LORD.

This thing was indeed well established and engraved in the hearts of the Israelites, as much as it became engrained in their brains/minds, to date, to the Voice of the LORD. This sin of Korah has been committed continuously by the so-called modern christians. We see that Korah was wealthy, affluent, and powerful, hence highly corrupted by the riches he had acquired from Egypt. And in his engagement with Moses, Korah became drunk with the wealth from Egypt, to the extent that he began to call Egypt, ‘THE LAND FLOWING WITH MILK AND HONEY’, that Moses had removed them from. And we further see that this wealth is what particularly spurred up his evil ego and rebellion against Moses the Voice of GOD.

However, today we find that the very sin Korah committed against GOD is prevalent in today’s church. What Korah did essentially became an indictment to the behavior of the present-day church. We can clearly see that today too, there are certain people that have come in to the church of Christ, without the calling of the LORD, and began to accumulate wealth from ‘Egypt ‘ (world) inside the church. This wealth of corruption has caused the current clique of false pastors, false apostles, false prophets, false teachers, to contest the Voice of JEHOVAH in the strongest terms possible, within the House of the LORD. In fact, such a priesthood matches that which one sees today all across the globe including on christian television. They have loved the wealth of Egypt to such an extent that they have accumulated unto themselves that wealth by all means available, under the sun. The problem has gotten so bad that, the familiar stereotype which is today often associated with the image of the pastor, is that of one who acquires things fraudulently through corrupt means. That is what has caused today’s priesthood to, for lack of a better word, outgrow the LORD. They have pursued corrupt wealth and gain by sinful means and with complete impunity.

“From the least to the greatest,
all are greedy for gain, prophets and priests alike, all practice deceit.14 They dress the wound
of my people as though it were
not serious. ‘Peace, peace,’ they
say, when there is no peace.
(Jeremiah 6:13-14)

And there is no way such a priesthood, as the present-day shepherds, who are capable of contesting GOD HIMSELF, and with complete impunity, can even listen to HIS MESSENGER. It is this present-day false priesthood that has, not only, contested the Leadership of JEHOVAH in the church, but also incorporated worldly practices, into worship. This is how the present-day worldliness has gotten its way into the congregation of the LORD, and gone virtually unrebuked. When the LORD sends a Messenger of righteousness and holiness, to decree HIS holy requirements upon the christian salvation, there will always be a stiff resistance from the so-called established main stream church. The pastors that run such modern day heedless churches, are the ones that constitute Korah’s of this day. They are the priesthood that constitute the false pastors, false apostles, false prophets, false evangelists and false teachers, that has OPENLY CONTESTED THE VOICE OF THE LORD that attempts to bring correction, reformation and restoration into the House.

This sin of Korah has been commissioned by these present-day pastors through their claim that, “HASN’T THE LORD SPOKEN TO US TOO?” Surely, the present-day church has even gone further than what Korah committed, in launching a viscous smear campaign against the very VOICE OF THE LORD. Such a Korah-type contest against the VOICE OF THE LORD has often been played out in churches,  and even much more grievously perpetrated in the public space, like on global christian television. Just as did Korah crusade, so has today’s heedless church gone on to even ask the populace not to pay attention to the prophecies that the LORD has sent HIS Messenger to proclaim. This is mainly courtesy of their greater affinity for sweeter prophecy that appeal to the flesh.

1 But mark this: There will be  terrible times in the last days.
2 People will be lovers of
themselves, lovers of money,
boastful, proud, abusive,
disobedient to their parents,
ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love,
unforgiving, slanderous, without
self-control, brutal, not lovers
of the good, 4 treacherous, rash,
conceited, lovers of pleasure
rather than lovers of God— 5
having a form of godliness but
denying its power. Have nothing
to do with such people. 6 They
are the kind who worm their way
into homes and gain control over
gullible women, who are loaded
down with sins and are swayed by
all kinds of evil desires (2 Timothy

The current modern-day christians do not seem to have in their vocabulary such a thing as rebuke of sin, repentance, restoration and the wrath of GOD against wickedness. And most despicably, we see that just as did Korah and his clique have no reverence at all towards Moses, so have today’s pastors and  teachers shown no fear of the LORD at all, even unto HIS Prophet. The wealth of the earth that they have  acquired, is what has bloated their ego, and entrenched their pride and arrogance, to the extent that 0they can afford to openly contest the MESSENGER OF RIGHTEOUSNESS.

The line of argument that Korah used has today been replicated in the church by the present-day pastors in order to justify themselves, however sinful the congregation may be. And this they have done by saying, “WHY SHOULD WE REPENT, HASN’T THE LORD CALLED US TOO?” And even as they witness the mighty miracles, signs and wonders that accrue in the meetings of the Messenger of the LORD, they too have gone ahead to try and equalize themselves with the Prophet of Righteousness by claiming, “WE TOO, HAVE THE GLORY OF THE LORD IN OUR CHURCHES! “Having released HIS Flaming Sword  from Heaven at the Grand Mega Nakuru Revival Meeting on August 2013, and caught on camera, one can almost tell what is about to happened to the defiant and rebellious Korahs of this present-day church. How Fearful!

We now see very clearly that when the Cloud of GOD came down among the Israelites in the wilderness, it was GOD HIMSELF who had come down to personally deal with those rebellious ones who had raised their heads against HIS Prophet. And in this case too, we see that when the Cloud of GOD ALMIGHTY descended from heaven into that Mega Kisumu Revival meeting, it is GOD HIMSELF who has once more come down to the earth, to deal with the rebellious voice that does not submit to repentance & Holiness. JEHOVAH has essentially come down to clean up the congregation, so that only the OBEDIENT HOLY ELECT may enter into the PROMISED LAND OF RAPTURE. And we further see that during the time of Israel in the wilderness, JEHOVAH HIMSELF came down in the Cloud, to thoroughly clean up the congregation of the Israelites, during the final stretch from Mt. Sinai to the Red Sea. Unmistakably, this HEAVY CLEANUP occurred right before the Israelites entered into the PROMISED LAND. He did not come down to CLEAN UP the Egyptians, and neither did HE descend to clean up the other communities, that had lived far off this theater of action.

So, we now see that on this occasion too, JEHOVAH has come down HIMSELF to clean up the present-day modern church of Christ, and NOT the world. That at the end of this purification process, only the righteous and holy christians, may get to enter into the glorious Kingdom of GOD. The Cloud of GOD has essentially now appeared in the church, to purge it off the dross of Korah’s rebellion, that has of late created a competing voice in the house. This CLEAN UP is what constitutes the shutting of the door against the foolish virgins, as the wise virgins enter into the wedding banquet of the Lamb (Matthew 25:1-13). We can well remember that such a CLEAN UP had earlier occurred during the time of Noah, when the LORD wiped out all the Korah’s rebellion of that day, and admitted only Noah with his family, into HIS Ark (Gen 7:16) That is the  shutting of the door that the LORD Jesus pronounced in Matthew 25:10 when HE Spoke of the day of the wedding of the Lamb. And this shutting of the door that the LORD pronounced in Matthew 25:10 by all standards mirrors the shutting of the door in Genesis 7:16, thereby affirming that; as it was during the time of Noah, so will it be at coming of the Messiah (Matthew 24:37).

“But while they were on their way
to buy the oil, the bridegroom
arrived. The virgins who were
ready went in with him to the
wedding banquet. And the door
was shut (Matthew 25:1).
The animals going in were male
and female of every living thing,
as God had commanded Noah.
Then the LORD shut him in.
(Genesis 7:16).

In conclusion then, we can therefore infer, that the Cloud of GOD that visited the December 31st, 2012 Kisumu revival meeting, indeed came to open up the earth, and swallow the Korahs of this present-day church, together with their associates into Sheol, and shut the door on them. It is as though the LORD is saying to the Korahs of this present-day church that, Egyptian (earthly) wealth have you loved, and so back to Egypt (the earth) shall you return.


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