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New for 2016! The Glorious Healing of totally blind Synthia Wanjiku, and the Glorious Healing of totally crippled Daniel, free DVDs of the LORD!  blind-eyes-opened-cripple-walks-2016-prophet-dr-owuor

International Pastors Conference, Prophecy to the Church, & the Miracles of the LORD’s Revival, Joel 2:28 Revealed at the Isaiah 19:19 Altar of the LORD, Nakuru, Kenya, January 2015!

Words inexorably fail to describe what the LORD is miraculously orchestrating at this critical hour in the Joel 2:28 Revival of the LORD, so here are the visuals demonstrations and workings of the Glory of the LORD in vivid real time DVD’s.  The church has simply never seen this before; however, the Prophets of God spoke of this day repeatedly in the bible.
In addition, the 2nd International Interdenominational Pastors Conference was held Friday, Jan 2, 2015 in Nakuru From 9:00 am onwards following the Mega Revival of the LORD, at the Nakuru Main Altar.  Pastors and Saints from around the globe gathered at the Altar of the Lord (Isa 19:19) in this Pastors Conference to hear what the LORD is saying to the global church of Christ at this hour through His Mighty Prophet, Dr. David Owuor.

Please see the prophecy below given in December 15th, 2014  which is now fulfilled as unimpeachable and unassailable truth that our God speaks today to His people through His Bondservant, Dr. David Owuor.

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By Prophet Dr. David Owuor, December 15th, 2014,

The LORD has spoken with me. I want the listeners to know that The LORD has spoken with me and this night, this past night The LORD spoke to me in a very profound way about the Grand Mega revival meeting that’s coming up to Nakuru. And in this conversation, The LORD once more showed me the very, very mega healing that will take place in Nakuru. Again, this past night The LORD did visit with me in a very tremendous way and very profound way. And among other things The LORD showed me the historic healing; the mega healing that will take place in Nakuru. And I saw a tremendous, a lot of historic, powerful healing, the healings and the miracles of our time take place in that ground, in the field of the meeting and it was so stunning there; it was almost chaotic because cripples were walking from every direction and wheelchairs abandoned, some lifting them up, walking towards the altar of The LORD, walking for the first time. Even crippled babies I see a lot of them walking and many blind eyes opening from all sides of the stadium, those born blind who have indeed been in the world of darkness, The LORD showed them to me now healed and a very huge jubilation begins to take place at Nakuru in the ground of the meeting at the meeting of The LORD.







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After that I see the lame and the paralytics with all their crutches and their mattresses, stretchers somewhere brought on stretchers and mattresses, could not walk finally lifting up the mattresses and walking step by step as jubilation consumed the stadium. And then even I have seen the deaf and the dumb healed; the deaf hearing in largest numbers. I think they come from the schools of the deaf. So The LORD is going to heal them in batches; in batches, different groups of the deaf and the dumb and then The LORD is also going to heal blood conditions, cancers, leukemia and diabetes, HIV AIDS; He’s going to delete HIV AIDS and diabetes from people’s blood. He’s going to restore their insulin systems.
The LORD is going to heal internal organs also. I see internal organs, heart conditions, serious heart conditions, the liver, the colon, the spleen, the intestines, the stomach, the throat, and then psychotic conditions too, people who have organic conditions of psychosis, mentally ill, psychiatrist cases, depressed people are going to be essentially set free in this upcoming visitation in Nakuru. And then tumors; I see a lot of tumors that will dissolve in the brain, in the body parts. Some of them dissolve in such a way that they become wet on the cloth; they come out, you know, they birth out and bleeding diseases will stop.

The LORD is bringing His unparalleled, unequaled healing to this land again. He is coming to visit the church because such are the times we live in; the times at which The LORD is now preparing a glorious bride, a bride that is familiar with His power, His might; a bride that is familiar with the enormity of our GOD The GOD of Israel, JEHOVAH SHALOM; JEHOVAH HOSEENU, our Maker; JEHOVAH RAPHA, The LORD our Healer. And I see also The LORD is going to do a miracle of creation. There’s this healing that I keep seeing which is going to take place on the grass, the legs, I think both legs were crippled, this young boy; young man; young boy, the legs were crippled and kind of twisted legs, soft and twisted and then as The LORD walks me towards this precious young man then the legs are healed and they are healed right there, live and they become strong. So I see the left leg which was facing backwards turning to face forward and the other leg. So very big things are going to happen.








It seems that in Nakuru we are essentially; it seems to me that in Nakuru we are going to celebrate The BLOOD of JESUS; we are going to celebrate the good works of The LORD in Nakuru. It looks to me that this is going to be a major celebration of the visitation of the cloud of GOD that is right now tabernacled and throbbing into the church. And this is yet another moment when The LORD is going to make gains; to highlight the gains that His presence in the church at this hour is making and we are to celebrate; it looks like we are going to celebrate the goodness of the work of The CROSS, The BLOOD of JESUS in Nakuru.

So The LORD is going to heal all forms and kinds of diseases from many countries, not just Kenya. So all those who are coming they are coming now and each will have the capacity to take home the healing miracle of The LORD, to get to encounter their GOD on a personal basis, even families. Many families will be removed from shame, removed from fear, from anxiety, from oppression, the suffering they’ve gone through with children that are crippled, blind, mentally ill, children bleeding diseases and also wounds; I see a lot of wounds that are going to be healed.

There are going to be a lot of wounds that will dry up instant, including spinal cord injuries that will be healed. I see all the way, the spine, up and then the lower back, people with broken lower back are going to be healed, broken knee back and upper back, the hips, the broken knees, the knees that are totally destroyed where the knee cap is totally destroyed, those doing ….and cleaning, infected knees; all kinds of knees that are going to be healed, the broken ankles and toes. And then the LORD is going to extend columns, those short hands, He will stretch them and those legs that are short also will be stretched, many big things will happen even among the lame when their legs will be stretched, those short legs will finally be stretched; those feet that were not able to touch down will be pulled by The LORD so they will step down for the first time with strength.
So there’s going to be a myriad and a whole spectrum of the healings of The LORD that The LORD has spoken with me about this past night, some of which I have not mentioned here. But He’s going to heal His people. Over this year if I remember very well from the time we had the meeting in Eldoret until now, my phone has been totally jammed and clogged with a lot of prayer requests of sick people; people who are sick and looking for prayer.

And I realize that The LORD is using this to speak to me that, “Look, my people are suffering.” So The LORD is coming to remove the suffering from His people; to heal His people and set them free from suffering, in that way that we may prepare a holy way, a glorious way, a righteous way in our hearts for the coming of The MESSIAH that now this religion of The CROSS may stand out, stack high from all the other religions and that it may be known all over, even in Heaven that only JEHOVAH is GOD. Those who have ears may we prepare for the coming of The LORD.


Tremendous Visitation of GOD’S Glory and Massive Healings Coming To Nakuru, Kenya December 15th, 2014, By THE PROPHET OF THE LORD, Dr. David Owuor.  USA radio testimony and verification here, Deuteronomy 19:15, Luke 10:1, Matthew 18:16, Hebrews 10:28.


UPDATE: Announcing Free DVD’s for all U.S. Pastors of the irrefutable evidence that HIV AIDS is being healed and lepers are being cleansed. These HIV AIDS healing miracles are verified and certified by our very own Atlanta, Georgia based Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and several medical doctors. In addition, the drama continues as the lepers are being cleansed today in biblical fashion the likes of which planet earth and the church have not witnessed since Jesus walked among us 2000 years ago!

Developing story and wire here.

Truly, the LORD’s promised Great End Time Revival of Joel 2:28 is occurring now, and as a United States pastor I witnessed these miracles first hand, with nearly 3 million other saints at the Kakamega, Kenya Revival, September 2012. See the DvD’s that are certain to awaken and stir you and your congregation (Ezekiel 37:4-14) to the mighty power of God, His Righteousness, His Holiness, and what the mighty Holy Spirit is doing today.

All of these  life changing DvD’s are offered free with no cost, no obligation, no contribution, no ‘love offering’, no catch, no foolin’!

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Now available: End Time Revival DVD’s and teachings for free from the LORD’s end time prophet, Dr. David Owuor. Drop a comment to sign in, or email Pastor Lou below with your mailing address and we’ll send you the DVD’s that reveal the sights and sounds of the glorious End Time Revival! No spam, no gimmicks, no offerings, no foolin’, for time is over, Prepare the Way for the coming of the Messiah!

There are several titles for U.S. pastors to choose from:

Kakamega, Kenya 2012 Leprosy Healed, HIV AIDS Healed!: The simply astonishing end time revival in Kakamega, Kenya captured live on video and DVD where the Spirit of the LORD out of the Abundance of His House rained down miracle, after miracle, after miracle.

Garment of the Lord Part 1 and Part 2: An all night vigil teaching that contains many scenes of the end time revival as well as the life changing message from the throne of the LORD with Revelation 19:8 as the foundation scripture.

Highway of Holiness: A powerful and concise teaching on the foundation scripture of Isaiah 35:8 directed to the pastors and church leaders, and now available to U.S. pastors.

Kisumu 2012 When Nations Gathered: The year end revival where millions gather, and of particular importance to the church and the U.S. as Ezekiel 37:1-14 is prophesied for the precious people of the United States!

Kisumu 2012 When the Cripples Walked: Here is more evidence of the end time revival in full force and witnessed by millions as many miracles manifest live as the Holy Spirit moves mightily among His people.



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  2. william worley

    praise god that this is happening in africa
    if it was in the usa , people would be unbelieving-such is the reputation of the current usa , its leaders and banksters
    send me whatever you can
    many thanks
    bill w

  3. Pastor Lou Post author

    Shalom, End Time Saints and welcome William! There is currently no web based mechanism for capturing shipping addresses for the DVD’s, so please send mailing address to email above “Free By email:”

  4. Francisca

    Thank God for his mercies on his children and I strongly believe that this miracle will reach me here in Nigeria because I also have the dreaded Hiv virus and needed healing seriously.please I need prayers

  5. Pastor Lou Post author

    Great Peace to you in Jesus Mighty Name, Francisca. As we all pray in agreement for the LORD to heal the infirmities among His children and for His glorious Name to be proclaimed above all the earth, let all of us always remember that His marvelous works, and His miracles are designed to confirm His Word and promises to us. Thus, we prepare for the coming of the Messiah, Who has the ultimate healing in His wings (Mal 4:2) for in His house neither sickness nor death dwells. We repent from all sin and walk in holiness, for without holiness no one will see the LORD (Heb 12:14). We are to be holy just as He is holy (Lev 11:44 1 Peter 1:16).

  6. Salomi

    Dear Sir,
    I am translator my name is Salomi from Pakistan? I visited your website and I found that all your material is full of knowledge concerning development of religious faith of the souls. I have an idea for you to get this material translated into other languages. For that I present my services to translate your material into Urdu and Punjabi languages. These are the languages that I am born in and will bring many blessing for the people who are known to them. I will be looking forward for your response on this my request.
    “There is nothing more precious than to hear the Word of God in your own language.”


    Greetings to you all in the name of Jesus Christ. Please, sir i want you to send us some of your materials to help us grow and also bring others to known him the savoir JESUS CHRIST. we are an outreach team doing our best to bring people to know CHRIST. And your materials will be very important to us. i have my address below JOHN ASASE, box an 11847,Accra-north.Ghana.00233. we are counting on your favorable consideration

  8. Pastor Ben

    Please oblige me your free DVD and other materials that will be useful for our spiritual life. Hoping to hearing from you soon. My mailing addresss: pastor Ben, EELG, PMB 001, AGENEBODE, EDO STATE, NIGERIA 300215

  9. Helena

    I would love to reach receive all these DVDs for home church. Pleaae email me for my address privately. Thank you!

  10. Dee

    i am not a pastor or minister. can i receive dvd’s ? i would love to share these with my household and some friends.

    1. Pastor Lou Post author

      Dee, Great Peace to you in Jesus Mighty Name! We bless the LORD for this request and we will send them right out. Please send your mailing address to or you can call at 202-290-4379 as well. This revival is for all of the Church, and provided by the LORD: We rejoice that He is preparing His remnant bride. Revelation 19:8 Shalom!

    1. Pastor Lou Post author

      Amen, and Great Peace to you in Jesus Mighty Name, EVANGELIST MARY! We’ll send the Dvd’s right out.

    1. Pastor Lou Post author

      In the USA, we are not even to worthy to see and hear the Holy Words and Message the LORD is speaking to the nations at this hour. Isaiah 6:9-12

  11. Dennis Azziayah

    Please send the DVDs to the following:

    Edit by Pastor Lupo: Please note that the addresses were removed for privacy, but indeed received, and the Dvds of the LORD are enroute. We bless the Holy One of Israel for such an opportunity, for what generation has ever seen this? Shalom!

    For any enquiries contact me at +2547154679 91

    1. Pastor Lou Post author

      Hallelujah Brother Samuel Owino!

      I am humbled whenever the LORD opens the Door to extend thanks and gratitude for His precious End Time Saints in the Land of Revival.
      You are an encouragement to us here, a blessing to the work of the LORD in the USA, and actual evidence of the work of the Mighty Holy Spirit in the global church of Christ! Glory to the Messiah!

      Great Peace to you in Jesus Mighty Name, Brother Samuel Owino!

  12. lynette

    Hallelujah!Am humbled by the requests i see on the comments list.Kindly pastor Lou,i thought i could also tell you of another(optional please) way of getting the teachings which i assume you know but i desire to remind you know.When you view on our website on the YOU TUBE chanell,you right click and copy current url then open clip converter it will give you a blank space,reading video url paste your copied url there and click continue.It will give you conversion formats now you can choose and convert thereafter click download.The cd is ready to burn!!Hope it might help.

  13. Zacheaus Okoth Odongo

    I thank God, for His kindness,the Lord have been so Good to me, throughout my life.
    I am one of these people who have witnessed the mighty doings of the the Lord through His Prophet.
    Surely, the world should repent and live in Holiness.

    I thank God for being faithful to me and i really desire to live and serve the Lord,our God and to be a blessing to His Kingdom,

    Shalom and My God bless us in Jesus name,




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