CHRONICLES of the END TIME REVIVAL, ELDORET, 2015, Prophet Dr. Owuor (Documented!)


The prophecies of the LORD found in the Bible concerning the Massive End Time Revival before the Coming of the Messiah are revealed today, in plain view, before our very eyes, in the year of 2015. This Chronicle is merely a snapshot in time of the Joel 2:28, Haggai 2:9, and Revelation 6:6 scripture fulfillment that the Sovereign LORD designed from the foundations of the earth to prepare the global Church of Christ for the coming of the Messiah, the church that Jesus Christ paid such an incalculable price for at Calvary. This revival is for the Glory of the Messiah and the prophetic fulfillment is found below fully scribed, documented, and photographed.


by Prophet Dr. David Owuor, August 28th, 2015

Transcribed from live broadcast.

Amen. Now, Pastor Joanne, the Lord has spoken with me this past night about the Meeting that is coming up today: the Meeting that is beginning today in Eldoret. This is going to be an Historic Meeting…it’s going to be a Very Major Historic Meeting. And uh, even as I announce this those who are very sick patients please don’t, do not put them on the road, do not put them on the long drive because even entering Eldoret is going to be a problem. It may even take 5 or 6 hours for the vehicles to enter the city of Eldoret.

But anyhow, within the backdrop of that information, the Lord has spoken with me about the Mega Meeting that is coming up in Eldoret, the Mega Eldoret Grand Revival Healing Service.

And I see a baby whose eyes are opened; I see a baby whose eyes the Lord is going to open. And so that means the Lord is going to open a lot of blind eyes; including blind eyes from babies, it is going to be an Historic moment for the Church to behold.


And again, this is the treasure of the Gospel that the Lord sent me with, the treasure of the Gospel of Repentance and Holiness. When I came rebuking sin in the Church and I told the Church to repent and turn away from the wickedness you see in the Church in America. This whole thing of false prophets, anybody coming on TV and saying he’s a prophet. And you see them from the way they’re talking and their demeanor, they do not even befit the Prophet of the Lord, they do not befit the Apostles of God. They do not even befit the stature of the Pastors…the Shepherds of the Lord. And all over the world in Latin America, in Asia, in Africa, and that’s why I came rebuking that kind of decay and asking the Church to repent and turn to the Holiness of Jesus. You see that all the messengers, the so-called messengers that are preaching the “gospel” in the world now, they’re preaching a “gospel” of money, providence, and, and, and essentially corruption. And that’s why I came rebuking that decay and corruption and apostasy. Because I say, “the Lord wants to visit the house.”


Now I have seen this tremendous Revival, the Healing Service…the Lord is going to do a lot of shocking healing including the miracle of creation. I see a baby, this past night, He showed me a lot of healings including a baby whose blind eyes opened. And that means the Lord is going to open a lot of blind eyes of babies that were blind. And we have a special gate that is designated to those who are very sick, those who are blind, deaf, crippled where we’ve put our TV cameras to record them as they enter into the stadium. So that we can see their condition before they are healed and after they’re healed that the Lord Jesus may be maximally, may be maximally glorified or may magnify His Glory.

And so, let all people simply obey the instructions we have given. If you are shown the gate, I’m told its gate number 1, where all the TV cameras are they are interviewing each person. The blind are being led, the deaf that are being led, the mute being led, the cripples that are being carried or being wheeled. They’re being interviewed there, the history is being taken by senior doctors and some professors of university at gate number 1. Professionals of media, professionals of magazine are there taking the different history and conditions of people entering into the stadium; in order, that when they glorify Jesus.

But I’ve seen a massive, massive, massive healing of the cripples, including crippled babies that will walk, and the blind, including massive healing of the blind eyes, including the blind babies that will be able to see. Massive healing of the deaf, massive healing of the mute, massive healing of the lame, massive healing of the paralytics, massive healing of the broken back, massive healings of the broken necks, those whose hips are broken, have metal, massive healing of broken knee, any of other broken bones including ribs and skulls. I’ve seen the massive dissolving of tumors and drying up of cancers, leukemia, diabetes, and hypertension, and HIV, all the blood conditions, even the kidneys that were going through dialysis…the failures, the Lord is now going to give them new organs. I have seen also the massive drying of wounds including leprosy and I have seen at the same time the massive stopping of wombs that are bleeding, bleeding diseases and the Lord is going to open wombs.


The Lord is going to do tremendous works. They’ll be a standing sign and wonder unto this Church. That is why again I came with the Message of Repentance and to Return to Holiness. Because the Lord wanted to visit the Church. Now we’re beholding that moment and He’s using this to beckon the Church, to call the Church from all the four winds of the earth and focus them on Eldoret and tell them…”Look what intend to do in the Church in the nick-of-time before the Rapture of the Church.” I fear, I fear very much that the Church is on the verge of a major, major kidnap by the Lord, a major Rapture. A major take up, to be taken up into the Kingdom of God. The signs are there, we’ve read the signs in the news, we’ve seen the signs with our own eyes, we have read it in the papers, we’ve heard it in the news, and so nobody can ever be told about the signs of the time.

These are worse than the apostasy in the Church. These are the signs: the tsunamis, the floods, the earthquakes. I have gone all over the earth prophesying the major earthquakes, I prophesied the earthquake that came and caused the first Asian tsunami. I prophesied the earthquake in Iran and also in Russia on that 25th and 26th of March, 2006 and they happened exactly. But the 1st of that month March, on Friday 31 st of March 2006 in Iran and then on the, on the 21st of April the same 2006 in Russia, I prophesied the Haiti earthquake, the Chile earthquake, I prophesied the recent earthquake that shook Nepal and Mt. Everest. I have prophesied the earthquake globally, the global economic crisis. I have prophesied Ebola and other diseases. So the signs are there, nobody can ever claim that have not beheld the signs of the hour. I have prophesied the global famine. I have preached to the ends of the earth announcing the coming of the Messiah.

But now even as we know that the Church is sitting on the edge of “Eternity”. Now look at the beautiful revival that exploded in Kenya, at one point these past two…two, three weeks ago, the entire nation was repenting and being baptized. But now look, their assembling in their largest millions. The Meeting has not begun, arrivals be are today, but as of yesterday the field was almost three quarters full; 45 acres of the field, 45. Even the authorities, the police were telling us the calculation of that, the scientific calculation is that when the field is full it is between six (6) and seven (7) million people.


So we are talking about the Historic End Time explosion of Revival and the Lord is saying He’s going to heal people in mass. Massive cripples walk, massive blind see, massive deaf hear, massive mutes speak, massive lame will walk and then stretch, their feet stretch, massive broken hips healed, massive broken backs healed, massive broken skulls healed, massive tumors dissolve, massive cancers dry, massive internal organs, heart conditions, the liver, the spline, the cancers of the liver, all kinds of blood conditions dried up.
All these massive healings and creation of what can be had, whatever it is the Lord is going to do today…there’s no limit today. But these are the Fruit of Repentance and Return to Righteousness, a Return to Holiness.

And so the Lord is using this Revival here today to minister unto the winds of the earth, the four ends of the earth, that when you Repent and you Prepare the Way, the Holy Way…the Highway of Holiness and turn away from the “gospel” of money and prosperity and turn away from deception and lies and turn away from sexual immorality and turn away from the worldliness…I’m able to do this, this is what I intend to do because He said, that the latter Church would have the latter Glory whose authority and anointing and power would be much greater than Pentecost, the past Glory.

And so I see the tremendous way the Lord is going to prepare the four ends of the earth. The four corners of the earth are going to be prepared for the Glorious Coming of the Messiah by the Lord speaking in this Major, Major Visitation…this Major Visitation that is going to take place in Eldoret.

Remember His name is Jehovah Elohim, Jehovah Shalom, Jehovah Hoseenu, Jehovah Adonai, Jehovah Sabaoth, Jehovah El Olam, Jehovah Elyon, Jehovah Rohi, Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah El Gibbor, Jehovah Tsidkenu, Jehovah El Shaddai, Jehovah Rapha, Jehovah Shammah, Jehovah El Oheenu, Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Eloheeka, Jehovah Mekkadishkem, He is Jehovah, the God, the creator of Israel and He’s the One that gave us Christ Jesus.

But when I live to behold such a Historic day in the Church like what is right in front of us here today. The nations that are tuned in across the earth, maybe your not able to arrive here, but today we have a huge number of pastors from all over the world more than 400, we don’t know, probably 600. But those who are not able to witness, partake of this, just be informed we will be streaming it on NTV. First of all, those who can watch it for us here within the region, East African region and other regions, NTV will be LIVE beginning tomorrow and those who are able to stream through the web your able to come to the Meeting and it will be great also.

However, the Lord is going to use this to stir up your hearts and cause you to long much more for the Righteousness of the Lord for the greater longing of the Coming of the Messiah. To begin to prepare a Highway of Holiness, to begin to understand that all the Visitations of the Cloud of God and the reign of the Holy Spirit and all the other Visitations that have been coming and rocking the earth ever since the lifestyle of this Ministry those Visitations have been preparing for this culmination that now one day the Messiah will be able to find a Holy Bride. They have been preparing for this hour when the hearts of men will be drawn to Righteousness. When everybody else now will be able to see themselves longing to show them the decaying of this world, the worldliness that you see, the immorality, the moral rot that you see in the Church. That a purified worship may once more enter the Glorious Kingdom of God.

I have said it time and again, across the end of the earth… I’ve said, that when the heavens see, when they look at the Messiah, they see the scars, they see the wounds as they ask, however, when we look at the Church we ask,”But where is the Bride for whom He paid such a horrendous price?”


And that’s why I think today becomes a very important day of reality when the Church can make substantive gain, can make significant gain by deciding now we’ll prepare forth that Glorious Church for which the Messiah went to the Cross and paid such a horrendous price. The wounds we have seen, the scars we have seen, the torture we saw, we read about it in the Bible, but then they look down into the earth…if you look at North America, Central America, South America, all of Africa, you look at Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Europe, everywhere, you don’t see the Church that the Lord purchased, the Holy Church for which He paid such an enormous price, the ultimate price with His life.

And that’s why this day presents such a noble and wonderful, a golden opportunity for us to rise up to the expectation of Heaven, that now by the help of the Holy Spirit, a new kind of worship may begin to crescendo, may begin to symphony into the Throne of God.

That right now we can decide as a people, as a Church globally and go back to Holiness and go back to Repentance and embrace Righteousness and pick up Moral Purity that for once there may be a smile on the face of the Lord. Because in the recent past, whenever the Lord has looked at the Church, all He hears…nail Him, crucify Him, He hears the Church crucifying Him again, nailing Him again. A Church that is not delivered, a Church that is… “Are we saying that the Messiah should go back to the Cross?”

That today we have a real opportunity to make a mega, mega leap, a major step that as the people of the earth, no matter your time-zone, we can prepare and embrace this verge of eternity. Embrace this hour at which the Lord is speaking through power; through signs and wonders, through Visitation,
the latter Glory that was coming. That we now may wake up to the, the moment, the reality of the moment and prepare the Glorious Bride that befits the Lord Jesus and the Heaven He came to announce here.

May the Lord bless you all as you travel to Eldoret and those of you as you prepare your home. May you prepare your heart. Let us understand one thing, that the same cause there is of the Coming of the Messiah, whatsoever you see, whatsoever you hear in Eldoret, all of it is geared towards stirring up your heart, moving you from the position of complacency to the place where you now deliberately, intentionally, actively get involved with preparing the way in your heart for the Glorious Coming of the Messiah. He’s saying, ‘let us remove the rocks, the mountains in our heart. Let us now yield unto the demands of the Holy Spirit. Let us now heal up the valleys and the depressions of our heart sand to smooth them out. Also the rugged places in our heart that the Lord may be able to pass through our hearts. To find a way through our heart…to find a way in our heart for His Glorious and Most Anticipated Return. Shalom, Shalom, Shalom.


August 27th, 2015, by Prophet Dr. Owuor, live on

The Lord has spoken with me this past night in a very mighty way.

There’s a Big, Big Revival that is coming out, a Big Explosion of Revival is going to consume Eldoret. This land is now under the jurisdiction of the authority of the Revival, the End Revival of the Lord.

The Lord in a Mighty, Mighty conversation this past night, He brought some of the people that were healed to me and there was this man that came and opened his mouth and  I thought he was without a shirt but it was probably…wearing  a brown cloth, a brown, brown shirt.

But he opened his mouth and he began to speak with me and told me, the deaf ears are going to open, many, many, many deaf, many blind, many, many, crippled, many mute are also going to speak.  I’ve seen this man talking to me.

And so, there is going to be a Big Explosion of Healing and Revival in Eldoret!

Many, many, many cripples are going to walk…get up from their wheelchairs. Many, many, many blind, many deaf, many mute, many lame, many paralytics.

I saw a tremendous visitation this past night.

Many were brought with broken hips, broken spines, spinal cord injuries, broken necks, broken skulls, tumors are going to dissolve, cancers will dissipate, they’ll disappear properly from their blood:  HIV, Leukemia, all the blood conditions, hypertension, diabetes. The Lord is bringing a Major Healing to the internal organs.  He’s going to heal many, many, many internal organs. The kidneys that have failed, the spleen, the liver, the stomach, the tongues, every single condition of the internal organ.

There’s going to be a major Historic Visitation in Eldoret!


At the same time, He’s also going to dry wounds.  I’ve seen this person now a third time and the wounds are terrible …it’s unsightly.  In the dream, when I saw, I turned away my face again: it’s like leprosy, a lot of wounds and puss all over the body and the Lord is going to dry them up.  The Lord is going to heal also and block the bleeding diseases from the women.  He’s going to bring a tremendous anointing of healing in the field in Eldoret.

A Huge Historic Revival has now officially broken out in Eldoret and the Lord has now released His Heavenly Anointing to visit Eldoret. He has now commissioned His Power to visit the land of Kenya, to visit the Church, and to visit the Revival Meeting in Eldoret.

And that’s why at gate number one (1), where all of our TV cameras are in position and we are receiving the sick people in their conditions, in wheelchairs, in their deafness, in their blindness, in their muteness, in their bleeding, in their wounds, in their afflictions, when these people are healed in the meeting of the baby whose deaf ears just popped open.

Then now we can see from how Great the work of Jesus is…how gallant the battle He fought with His hands from the Cross up.  How much He has done to remove them from degradation, from desperation, from hopelessness, from pain and agony.  That we may now celebrate and bring the Revival throbbing across the nations of the earth.  How wonderful Jesus has worked.

These are the days when now the Church is being empowered.  And I release this tremendous message and news to you that the Lord has now commissioned Eldoret.  His jurisdiction is now over Eldoret. The authority of the Power of the Anointing of God is now over Eldoret and everybody there can now receive their healing. 

It’ll be historic, it will stun the church, it will make the nations tremble, it will make the earth tremble, when they hear what the Lord is going to do in Eldoret. Shalom, Shalom, Shalom.

There are the great days to be a Christian.  These are the days in which we should celebrate the coming of the Messiah. He is soon taking us home. These are the signs of the days of the Glory of the Lord.

And the other nations…which is very surprising that of Pastors that are still preaching money, they are still looking for money. Their still looking for girls and women to sleep with in immorality, homosexuality too.  Claiming a place at the Altar while the Glory is being manifest and revealed in Eldoret.  Shalom, Shalom.  The Messiah is coming!  Those who are expecting to receive your miracle and prepare in righteousness, be Holy as you go to Eldoret. Come to Eldoret in the name of the Lord!   


August 19th, 2015, by Prophet Dr. Owuor

The Lord has spoken with me.  I want your listeners to know that the Lord Jehovah, He spoke with me yesterday at night about very, very important events in Heaven and on the earth. And events of Heaven that have far reaching implications on the Church on the earth. And the movement was, the moving of the Prophet towards the end of time at this hour.

The Lord now yesterday took me before His Throne in Heaven. And as I stood before His Throne there was so much Light of His Glory, unbelievable, indescribable, it’s an unimaginable Light of the Glory of the Lord that covers Heaven and especially now, before His Throne. The brilliance of the Glory of God was…could, could be felt, I heard, I could see the sound of the Glory from where I stood.

And then after that, I saw the White Horse, the White Super-Glorious Horse of God in Heaven. I saw him leave around and he was running around Heaven, it was such a mighty, mighty, moment before the Lord, the God of Hosts.

Jehovah El Gibbor, Jehovah Sabaoth, Jehovah El Olam, Jehovah Elyon, Jehovah Adonai, Jehovah Elohim, Jehovah El Hoseenu, Jehovah Eloheenu, Jehovah Mekoddishkem, Jehovah Eloheeka, Jehovah Shammah, Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Shammah, Jehovah Tsidkenu, Jehovah Elohim, the Mighty God of Israel, our God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ…to be in His Presence…and then He showed me this tremendous, this mighty, mighty, blessed, super-glorious, humongous Host of Heaven going around and running around.

So this is the hour at which to really be a Christian.  This is also the hour at which to really be holy and to be righteous because there’s a lot of shifting of events in Heaven.  And Heaven is now interacting with the earth, communicating with the earth in such a mighty way.   At this hour, which is right to be prepared.

And those who have ears, prepare for the coming of the Messiah.


Sixth (6th) Prophecy of the LORD: Major Visitation Coming to Mega Eldoret Revival, August 19, 2015!

The Lord has spoken with me.  I want  your listeners to know that the Lord Jehovah, He spoke with me yesterday at night, about very, very, very important events in Heaven and on the Earth.

The events of Heaven that have far reaching implications on the Church on the earth and the moving of the Prophet towards the end of time at this hour.  Now the Lord in that conversation, the first thing He did is… He took me to the meeting of the Lord in Eldoret and He showed me such a humongous meeting, an unbelievable meeting that is going to take place in Eldoret.

Sixth (6th) Prophecy of the LORD-Major Visitation Coming to Mega Eldoret Revival- August 19-2015

This is probably going to be the Biggest ever Meeting on the face of the earth. This is going to be the Biggest Meeting ever held on the face of the earth.  And I see a huge,huge gathering of millions upon millions of people and their all celebrating in the Goodness of the Glory of the Lord.  They were celebrating the revival, there was joy, there was healing, there was the anointing of the Pastors in there,
there was also at the same time,the baptism of people with the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit was baptizing people with fire.

I’ve never seen such a Mighty, Mighty Historic Meeting ever since the earth began.

And in that meeting also the Visitation was Humongous.  The Lord was touching people in batches from different locations, different areas, it was a big and most beautiful thing to behold to see everybody now in the presence of the Lord and celebrating and enjoying the ambiance, the spiritual ambiance of the presence of the Lord.  The true end-time revival of joy and healing and the Blood of Jesus. The revival that prepares the way for the coming of the Messiah. It was such a sight that shocked me very much.

Those who have ears, prepare for the coming of the Messiah!


Fifth Prophecy of the LORD:  Major Visitation Coming to Mega Eldoret Revival, August 13, 2015!

By Prophet Dr. David Owuor, live via

The LORD has spoken with me. I would like you listeners to know that the LORD, Jehovah, the God of Israel, Jehovah Shammah, the LORD is Present, Jehova Eloheeka, The LORD thy God, the LORD our Healer, Jehovah Rapha, El Gibbor, The Mighty God, Jehova Rohi, Jehovah El Sabaoth, El Elyon, El Olam, El Shaddai, Jehovah El Jireh, Jehovah Hoseenu, Jehovah Adonai, Jehovah Eloheenu, Jehovah Elohim, The Mighty God of Israel spoke with me yesterday at night about a major, major, historic visitation that He is going to undertake on the earth here. And I see a visitation like none other.

And in that major dream the LORD took me already to the meeting in Eldoret to show me how His unmatched Glory is going to visit the earth and going to visit this land of Kenya and going to visit Eldoret, at the place of the Eldoret Mega Grand Revival Healing Service. And in that dream I was standing at the Altar. And I saw the visitation of the LORD consume the entire meeting once I arrived, the LORD brought me into the meeting and I see many wheelchairs lifted up, many wheel chairs were being brought to me in the dream. And that means the LORD, the God of the Heaven, the God of the poor, He has finally remembered the poor again. He has remembered those that are ailing the destituted, the disadvantaged, the unprivileged, those who had no hope, those who are crippled and some of them the doctors say there is no help because they have been in that condition for years, ever since birth, some seven years, eight years, lying on the beds until their backs become sore.

And so, in that dream the LORD brought me into the meeting and once I stepped at the Altar, then I saw. He showed me wheelchairs being brought to me lifted up, lifted up high, and crutches, and sticks for the blind and it was such a tremendous moment of joy to behold. And I asked myself what a tremendous, what a blessed time to be born again! What a privileged time to be a Christian to live to see this hour of the visitation of the LORD. And so, the LORD is saying that He is coming with His disposition of grace to help His people that are suffering.

Some of them can not afford hospital care, can not afford fare, transportation to the hospital, some of them their conditions can not be helped from hospitals, the crippled, many, many crippled, crippled babies, born crippled. The blind, the same to everybody else, the deaf, the mute, the paralytics, the lame, the spinal cord injuries, broken skulls, brain tumors, cancers, leukemia, diabetes, kidney failures, heart condition, bleeding diseases, those who have had certain types of tumors, many, many, many conditions including the miracles of creation that will take place at Eldoret.

I do not know what to tell you about the meeting in Eldoret, but this is going to be the really Grand Mega. What the LORD showed me yesterday in the dream is something I had not seen before. And I have tracked it and I have seen that the LORD has been consistently, and persistently speaking about this meeting one day after the other, one day after the other!

The LORD Jehovah is speaking to the church in very clear terms, He is yielding forth the benefits, the advantages of holiness in the church. The LORD is now drawing the church closer to Him that they may love the Righteousness of the LORD, that they may step away from sexual sin in the church, that they may step away from the love of money that you see in the church, the gospel of prosperity that is centralizing materialism, commercialism in the gospel, and the church that is horizontal and connecting people to the things of the earth, to this world that is perishing. We all know that this world will soon come to an end: the LORD has spoken with me that the church will be taken, there will be a tremendous…an unbelievable cascade, irretrievable, irreversible.

And so the LORD is speaking with me about the beauty of His Holiness that is going to behold in Eldoret. To those that shall hearken to the Gospel of Repentance, those whose hearts will be tender to repentance and the turning away from sin and wickedness. And as I said the sexual sin in the church, and all over this world, the love of money in the church by pastors, in the pulpit, in the congregation, the gospel of prosperity, the gospel that lies to people that you can pay money, or you can pay some favors and get away without holiness: the gospel that came from the devil.

The LORD is rebuking the false prophets, the false apostles and He is now the raising the advantages of standing with Him in Righteousness, standing with Him in Holiness. And that is why He is now showing me the greater benefits that He will bring to the holiness of the church at Eldoret. That the entire meeting at Eldoret will be the essential celebration of the return to the basic fundamentals of the gospel, the basic fundamentals of Repentance and Holiness, the basic fundamental of the Cross and the Blood at Calvary.

And so I already see from here many wheelchairs lifted up as they are bringing them to the Altar. As the LORD brings me to the Altar, many wheelchairs are lifted up, and that means many cripples will walk, many blind will see, many mute, the deaf, paralytics, the lame, their limbs will be stretched, the miracles of creation will take place. The babies that have not seen their mothers since birth will finally have their eyes opened and will see their moms for the first time. What an unbelievable time to live to see!

And that is why the instruction I am giving is that this time around we are delegating a particular gate. There will be several gates, and there will be three roadblocks per gate, there will be security officers, security personnel will watch three checking points, roadblocks for every gate. And as people walk in one particular gate will be delegated to the sick, the crippled, the blind, the deaf, the mute, the lame, and everybody else. Because of the massive millions, and millions, and millions of people that I have seen coming to Eldoret.

To facilitate those who are sick there will be one gate that will be delegated, set apart for the sick, and at that gate there will be TV cameras, there will be a lot of TV cameras recording the sick, taking their testimonies, “For how long have you been blind?” “Where have you come from?” “What is your name, who is this coming with you?” “Who is this guiding you?” We will take the testimony as the enter the stadium such as when they are healed how humongous will be the glory unto Jesus. When you look at the person that was and the person that has been healed then we’ll see the gallant, majestic work the LORD will have done.

I have seen the visitation of the LORD coming to Eldoret. And the bible says very clearly in the book of Haggai 2:9 that the Glory of this present house will be greater than the Glory of the former house, and in this place I will grant my peace. I will grant peace declares the LORD Almighty! In other words, the LORD was saying that we are aware of Pentecost, and the unbelievable exploits that he brought within the gospel, within the church. He is saying that this one now, because of the time that has wound down, because of the drawing near of the Coming of the Messiah, this will be greater than Pentecost, the first rain, the first glory. Why? Because in this Messianic glory, this is now the Messianic glory, the glory that talks about the dispensation, the reign of the Messiah that is coming.

The glory that prepares the way for the reign of the Messiah, the rule of the Messiah, the rule of God that the Messiah brings to the church, brings to the nations! And the LORD is preparing the church for His triumphant entry that when the day of rapture takes place it will be a triumphant entry. That is why the book of First Thessalonians chapter 4:16 -17 he says, The LORD Himself will come down that day with a loud command, with the voice of the Archangel and the trumpet call of God. Those are the symbols of a triumphant King coming with pomp and color! He came to Bethlehem in the meekness of the babe that did not get a place in the inn and was out within the cattle shed, and He was abused, in His first coming when He came through the Bethlehem manger.

But He is saying this time around He is coming as a triumphant King, the King of Victory, and that is why you see He is preparing the way and He is giving the church a preamble that the triumphant king that triumphed over disease is coming, that triumphed over sin, sexual sin, the love of money, the lies in the church, false apostles, false prophets, the modern gospel of prosperity, the theologies of men, the philosophies of men. The King that triumphed over this world is coming back, and He says that those that subscribe to His holiness and His coming they will now prepare in this preamble of triumph. The triumph that is propelled by the Blood of Jesus! That now the triumph of Jesus will materialize in the church. That is what is coming to be celebrated in Eldoret. The Triumph of the Triumphant King!

That those of you that would taste the power of the coming age would be drawn closer, and closer to the holiness of the LORD that you may inherit, that you may love the coming age. The LORD says that in this place I will grant my peace. He is talking about the peace of God that surpasses human comprehension. He is talking about His Covenant of Peace, His Covenant of Grace. He is going to open it up in Eldoret that where you have had a a lot of disease and pain, and sin, and slavery to wickedness then you shall be set free and become the work of righteousness.

I have seen an unbelievable visitation in Eldoret; it is going to be a record meeting on the earth! I have seen also the Coming of the Messiah! So these are signs when he says that I will send the glory of this house shall be greater than the glory of the former house.

This glory belongs to the Messiah! This glory is for the coming and the return of the Christ, this glory is for the preparing the way for the coming of LORD Jesus, the triumphant king that gave us victory at the Calvary Cross. So may those that have ears listen to the words of the LORD and Prepare the Way for the Glorious Coming of the Messiah!


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