Prophecies to the USA, by Prophet of the LORD, Dr. Owuor!

Prophecies of the LORD to the United States of America, (U.S.A.) by Prophet Dr. David Owuor; the Deuteronomy 18:18, Isaiah 40:3, Malachi 3:1, Malachi 4:5 Prophet of the LORD.


Live via by Prophet Dr. Owuor, October 5th, 2016!

The LORD has spoken with me. For the past three days the LORD has been speaking with me about…there is a situation that is about to develop. I see one of the U.S. warships, an aircraft carrier because I see the runway of the warship. I see the president of that country of the U.S.A. wearing military boots there. I was also there, in the dream, and the LORD was telling me there is another warship there, even B52 bombers. Those are now nuclear bombers.  They carry nuclear warheads.

There was a situation the LORD showed me that is going to develop; it is going to involve the United States of America.

These are very important days that we live in to see this kind of arrangement; this kind of prophecy finally hit the landscape of the church. When you see the LORD speak about these kind of things at this hour, it speaks very clearly about the hour that we are in that we have entered into. The Christians use their spiritual eyes to see things, and they develop the necessary understanding of what these things mean in the spiritual realm, and especially towards the glorious Coming of the Messiah!

I have seen the Coming of the Messiah, and I have seen the church the Messiah takes that He will take up. I have seen the church taken. It is a glorious church; a holy church, a righteous church. It is a church that lives in the fear of God: absolute, absolute fear of God and totally committed to the cause of righteousness, and uprightness, and right standing with the LORD. And so it is their daily endeavor to always please God, to walk with God in the glorious salvation of purity that Jesus unveiled at the Cross.

These are the hallmarks that the church needs to wear at this hour when the LORD speaks such prophecies of major monumental events, conflicts. And you can see the developments surround the Middle East now. They really point towards a serious meltdown.

Many, many churches right now are not even ready. Many pastors have not cared about preparing the sheep, their churches. And yet, the glory of the LORD is visiting in a very, very mighty way visiting the body of Christ, the church through the church in Kenya here. That is why the LORD is clamoring out and crying out to the church, to the nations, to everybody to repent and receive Jesus, and observe holiness, be holy, be righteous; because nobody knows the day or the hour.

Again, I see a U.S. warship. It is an aircraft carrier. I see–I don’t know why he puts on boots–the president of the U.S. of that warship now wearing military boots. Then, I am also aware that (He makes me know that there is another warship nearby) which has even B52 bombers, but has helicopters also that can respond in case of a situation, and so forth; the Apaches, the Blackhawks helicopters; the war strike helicopters. And so the Messiah is Coming!

The LORD my God is coming. May those that have ears hearken to these words and prepare for the glorious coming of the Messiah, the Son of Man, the Living Stone, the Christ that is Returning, the Cornerstone of Zion, our Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace, Emmanuel, the True Living Bread from Heaven, the Word of God, the Lion and the Lamb.



Prophesied live via by Prophet Dr. Owuor, September 3rd, 2016!

The LORD has spoken with me. The LORD Jehovah, Jehovah El Olam, the Everlasting God, God the Father, the Creator of Israel the Creator of all the universe. The one that has just visited Nakuru in a very, very tremendous and very, very historic way never ever seen since the creation of the earth. The One that has visited in such an historic way in Nakuru just this past week He has spoken with me about certain events that are about to take place on this earth.

Now, there is a place where I see the Chinese, the Chinese have established a base. It looks like a base. And most likely there is going to be a conflict in that place, because I see  even their an emblem which is a star, one big star and some other small stars a red one. So there is going to be a conflict of super powers. The Chinese this is their base, their base. Then it is going to be in that place. It looks more like somewhere in the ocean, in one of the islands in the ocean. So there is going to be a conflict. Very soon you will see a conflict brew in your news. And I do not know how the fight will go. I do not know the extent of the conflict, but I see a situation between the super powers actually; Russia will be involved and the US will be involved. I do not know whether it will go into a combustible end but there will be a conflict.

These events they surely and truly mark the coming of the Messiah! And those that have sound hearing; those that are awake whose minds are rekindled onto the heartbeat of the countdown for the coming of the Messiah. May they prepare in absolute holiness. Prepare the way the Messiah is coming!



Powerful Prophecy to the U.S.A. “The LORD is Coming to Clean up the Church!”

January 1, 2014

The LORD spoke to the U.S. at the Joel 2:28 End Time Revival, on December 31 through January 1st, 2014, in Kakamega, Kenya. He is coming to clean up the U.S. Church: no more prosperity gospel, no more false prophets and the altars of Baal in the House of the LORD, no more love of money, no more sexual sin, and homosexuality.

Righteousness is the only currency now and the miracles of the LORD (on live TV! and all of the nations are witnesses) substantiate, validate, and authenticate the Word of the LORD. (Matt 11:4) See the 4:30 minute mark in this brief video.

It is very dark in this world for sure, but the Church is suppose to be the light and salt of the earth, thus the darkness must be purged from the House of the LORD in the U.S.

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