Nakuru 2016 International Pastors Conference Message, by Prophet Dr. Owuor: “Garment of the LORD!”

Prophet Dr. Owuor, International Pastors Conference and Ministers of the Gospel, Nakuru Kenya, Main Altar, August 29th, 2016

Message to the Global Church: “Garment of the LORD”

On the 2nd of April, the year 2004, when God the Father, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, when He came to speak to me about the coming of the Messiah, and that message is for the nations. So I’m going to describe that conversation here, and then I will reveal to you what He says. Now, in that tremendous visitation, when He came to speak to me He lifted me up. And when He lifted me up I found myself standing right in front of the Throne of God, the 2nd of April, 2004. And standing at that place I could see the mountain like glory that covered the Throne of God. The mountain like glory that covered the Throne of God that was in front of me, and as I was standing there even though I could not see what was happening in there He made me know that He that sits on the throne was on the throne. And that He was going to pay particular attention to the conversation that was going to take place with me there. And so at that place the glory covering the throne– I am standing there–He made me know that He is watching. He is paying attention.

Then all of the sudden John the Baptist appeared on my right hand side before he stood there I am sure most of you know the narrative, because the articles are in the web, most people have read it. So he walked a little bit in front. Then he came and stood there, and when he stood there he began to speak with me about the Lamb of God  that was about to come back. The Lamb of God that died for man. And there is a lot of dynamic in that conversation itself; because I always say, I asked him, I asked him, “why did he have to die?” There is a lot of dynamic which I am avoiding now because of time.

It was the will of the father that He be crucified, abused to deliver man. So, as this conversation goes on here, then the voice from the Throne says, ” let me show you what is about to happen to the Earth.” And now I remember I saw a vision within a vision. When now He lifted me from there, and He took me to Jerusalem and over there I saw changes that would take place in Jerusalem that are significant for the end we are in. I saw a first change of leadership. I am sure most of you are familiar with it because it is on the web. The first change of leadership, in Jerusalem, and then a second change, and the distress and the capitals of the world.

So He took me across the Earth I saw the capital cities of the world. And I remember after that He brought me back to stand before the Throne. And when I checked this way I saw that John the Baptist was still standing here. And then after that He said behold– after those changes–he said Behold the Lamb of God! There was a small ridge between me and the throne. A small ridge then all of the sudden after he had said that, but Behold the Lamb of God, then the Lamb of God now left from the throne and came. The ridge disappeared, and I remember when I looked at his raiment, the raiment of John the Baptist it became transfigured, super glorious to the extent that I knew that if somebody touched it with a pen you could see that dot.

Now I need to move to a second conversation.

I was going to Venezuela for National Revival there. And then I was to wait for a flight the next day to cross the Atlantic from Johannesburg to cross the Atlantic Ocean. And so as I was there in Johannesburg I was sleeping on the floor of the airport. And as I was sleeping on the floor my bag was my pillow and there was a lot of announcement in that airport; but, as I laid down there on the floor with my bag the LORD came and visited me right there and spoke to me on this conversation I want to share now. In this conversation, I was asleep there on the floor in the airport in Johannesburg. Then the Voice said, “Look and see who is coming!”
And I remember that when I looked inside that conversation, when I looked left then I saw the rider of The Pale Horse. This is the first part of that conversation. And you all know those of you who have read this. From that part I gave the prophecy of the bloodshed you see in the Arab world. July 29th, the year 2009, before the bloodshed came to Libya came to Iraq to came to Syria before that happened. So that first part of the release of the rider of The Pale Horse that is the prophecy of the bloodshed you see that has swept the Arab world that you see here. However in this conversation I want to focus on the second part.

The second part, for the first time God the Father He showed me the church when she has been taken into heaven. Let me repeat this. I have seen the LORD take the church, in several conversations, but I had never seen the church inside. So that was the first time that I actually saw the church inside heaven. And I want to demonstrate something important for this message today. From where the LORD had lifted me up, and I am seeing the church she appeared before the Throne of God and they were worshiping. And as they worshiped it was so powerful a worship. In fact they were worshiping in unison hands lifting and going together on one side like this. And then they all came back together on one side like this. So it was a beautiful sight to behold!

But as I looked at them whenever they did this, and did this, (prophetic demonstration) the glorious garment, the glorious garment they wore, the garment was glorious white glorious all the way down, and then it trained a little bit. So the garment was long to the foot and flowed a little bit: flowed. Sometimes it is called the train of the garment, the train. So as they worshiped and turned then the glorious garment they wore emitted flashes of glory! That’s where I want to focus on. In fact the garment they wore was so glorious that it was like flashes of thousands of cameras that were hitting on my eyes like this. So that is just how glorious that garment was. And then after that I woke up. Now I want to share another part.

April 4th, 2011, again the LORD came to speak with me about the coming of the Messiah. And in that conversation Heaven rolled away, receded, then I saw the glory beheld the entrance, the glory beheld at the entrance. When I looked carefully I saw that it was a glorious garment. He put a glorious garment at the entrance Hallelujah!

So I want to base this message to the church on these three conversations, summarize it for you. What is the Lord saying to the church world over, in these three conversations? We are all aware somehow all of you can all feel that the church is sitting on the verge of eternity. In fact, many times in your country like Chicago, New York you find a column sometimes in your newspaper, and you find a column that is asking, “All these things is the world coming to an end or what?” That means all people can sense that we have never been this way before. And that we appear to be sitting on the verge of eternity. Then how much more do Christian’s realize that. Hallelujah! And so we are all aware about the vision of those two wedding rings, November 1, 2006, and we said very clearly it is announcing the Midnight Hour. And announcing to us on the need of preparedness. I am walking with you step by step to the message.

We are all familiar with this visitation it has really gone global now. So in this conversation about the coming of the Messiah I’m focusing now on the Garment. You can right away tell the Lord is saying that there is need to prepare for the Midnight Hour. Hallelujah!

And so I want to focus on that preparation for the Midnight Hour. What is the LORD saying to the church world over seated here and those turned in through the web? What is He saying to the church based on the three conversations regarding preparing for the Midnight Hour? So we know that the Bible is always the reference when the LORD speaks, so I want us to go to the Bible right away, and find the scripture that celebrates the coming of the Messiah. And then see if there is an instruction there about this garment that I have a celebrated in three conversations. Hallelujah!

So can we turn to the Book of Revelation chapter 19, precious people? Revelation 19 we are reading only three (3)verses, verses six (6) through nine (9). The Book of Revelation, chapter 19:6-9 and therein is the instruction to the church. Then he says the following,

Then I heard what sounded like a great multitude, like the roar of rushing waters and like loud peals of thunder, shouting:

For our Lord God Almighty reigns.
7 Let us rejoice and be glad
and give him glory!
For the wedding of the Lamb has come,
and his bride has made herself ready.
8 Fine linen, bright and clean,
was given her to wear.”
(Fine linen stands for the righteous acts of the saints.)

9 Then the angel said to me, “Write : Blessed are those who are invited into the wedding feast of the Lamb!” And he said, “These are the true words of God.” Hallelujah!

This is the reference scripture that we have. This is what I’m going to base this conversation on. And now you know that this will give you a message to take back to your nations to prepare the church there.

Now listen precious people. If this is the scripture that celebrates the coming of the Messiah that celebrates the Midnight Hour, then what is the message there? The first thing you see there is that when the Holy Spirit is describing that special day that irretrievable day that irretrievable day, irreversible day, in that description, first of all you hear that there is an historic celebration like never ever before in the kingdom of God. And that right away tells you that there has never been such a day experienced in the kingdom of God before. Because He was talking about the grand multitude of tens of thousands times tens of thousands. I don’t know how many of heavenly angels and hosts are celebrating that. I said ten thousand times meaning millions.

So you have this grand historic multitude celebrating the arrival of that day. And that tells you right away this is a significant day in the kingdom of God. And more than that even as they celebrate what they say. Because when you listen very carefully of the celebration they are saying. In other words, because this day has arrived now we really know that the LORD God Almighty reigns. The way they are talking about it you feel as though this is the day that affirms the reign of God; affirms the reignship of God. And I’m going to explain to you that in a little while.

But even more importantly, within the bigger celebration that the day long awaited has come there is now the underlying reason for the celebration. And now you find that He is saying that the reason they are celebrating is at the day has arrived, and it’s more than that, more than just the arrival of the day that the day has arrived, and when they look at the church she’s ready! That is the reason, the underlying reason for the celebration. Not just that the day has arrived, the long-awaited day has arrived, but when they look at the church, the bride she’s ready! And they said please celebrate. That should also tell you that if the day arrives and the church is not ready, there will be no celebration. And I think this is now the weighing of gravity into your salvation. Meaning your salvation has a direct bearing on to this celebration.

However, how does heaven know that the church is ready? He says that when heaven looks at the church, the bride of Christ, He says there is a certain benchmark, there is a certain standard, there is a certain yardstick that heaven must use to tell Heaven that the church is ready.

In other words He is saying that there is a yardstick, there is a benchmark, there is a scale, a balance that Heaven uses to tell them that the church is ready. Because He’s saying in other words, for the church to say, “I am ready. I am ready” is not sufficient. It is not sufficient. He saying the only way for Heaven to know that the church is ready is when they look at the church and they find that she is wearing fine linen bright and clean! So that is why I shared on this garment that there is a garment that the church ought wear when she is ready. And that is the garment I want to talk about today.

And you are going to find that the reason the church has fallen, the church in Kenya I have been battling with you for some time now, because of the apostasy the fall in the church. The bitter message they did not know inside it was wrapped the biggest revival in the history of the Bible. So when I talk about the fall in the church right now is a global phenomenon.

You know the things I am handling and your nation’s I know I have come to most of your nations, inside the church even to make it inside the pulpit. You are going to find out that the reason there is a fall in the church; the reason the LORD sent me to the church is because of failure to sustain this garment! So now we understand already that to prepare for the Midnight Hour there is a garment. There is a required garment.