Kenya National Repentance, Open Letter from U.S. to Wall Street Journal

Patrick McGroarty, Great Peace to you in Jesus Mighty Name!

I want to thank you for covering the ‘National Repentance in Kenya’ event in the Wall Street Journal Online. It is the biggest scoop in the history of journalism, but I need to point out an inaccuracy in the article where the photo journalist showed roughly ten (10) Kenyan’s repenting when in truth there were roughly five million (5,000,000) that participated in the Uhuru Park End Time Repentance Revival.

And below is the photo journalist image used by the Wall Street Journal.

Original article link from the Wall Street Journal.

Write to Patrick McGroarty at
(A version of this article appeared February 26, 2013, on page A11 in the U.S. edition of The Wall Street Journal, with the headline: Anxiety Over Instability Clouds Kenya Vote.)

Sometimes editorial pressures and deadlines create error too, so I captured an accurate picture of the historic crowd above and compared it to the one that the Wall Street Journal published. There are many people in America that need to see what the LORD is doing in this historic Joel 2:28 revival, and the Kenyan people are now the indisputable, and unimpeachable global leaders of the LORD’s end time revival.

Since time is over anyway, and you have a spectacular opportunity to glorify the LORD, I suggest running the story with the correct photo and add a line or two about the cripples walking, the blind receiving their sight, and the deaf hearing as well. It is worth noting that no offering was taken either, and all healings were free of charge, paid for by blood of the Lamb of God.

Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions.

Dr. Bishop Onjoro, copied above, was one of the key participants and a witness that could also help with any fact checking needs.

Prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah!


Louis Lupo
Pastor, Maryland Altar

9 thoughts on “Kenya National Repentance, Open Letter from U.S. to Wall Street Journal

  1. Jacob Cole

    I would like to hear about more of this. I GREATLY DESIRE this same type of revival first in Garland, Tx, then Dallas, Tx, then in the whole United States!!! Many churches believe that this will happen soon.

    In Christ,

    Jacob Alan Cole

  2. Dancan Imbwana

    The revival was so mighty and we even experienced the peace of Jehovah Shalom.I think you can make the online journal to air the Mighty pastors conference attraating pastors from all denominations worldwide i bet the Lord of horsts can make even Muslims and hindus attend and receive Jesus then.
    For more details please visit

    1. Pastor Lou Post author

      Amen, the revival of the LORD in Kenya is unlike any the church has ever seen in her history, yet in the USA we do not even know that the Malachi 4:5 Servant is walking the earth to prepare the church for the return of Christ…but many do in Kenya and now they are feasting from the abundance of heaven!

  3. Philip Changwony

    Prophecy of Jesus in Matthew Chapter 17 concerning the coming of Elijah is here with us. Fulfillment is before our eyes.Who can command the rain in the sunny day?Who can command the oceans where it stops every morning? All these we have heard and seen.Let’s repent ane prepare the way Jesus is coming.

    1. Pastor Lou Post author

      Amen, Philip! The Malachi 3:1, Malachi 4:5, Isa 40:3, Servant of the LORD is among us to Prepare the global Church for the Coming of the Messiah!

  4. Dominic Kiptore

    The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY has finally spoken to his Mighty End time Prophet about;
    1. The rapture of the holy church.
    2. The release of the antichrist and the false prophet by the enemy/adversary.

    It is time to clean the spots and stains in the wedding garment

    1. Pastor Lou Post author

      Shalom, Dominic and Amen! What a powerful summary of the state of the prophetic clock of the LORD, and what the church ought to be focusing on now.

    1. Pastor Lou Post author

      Praise the LORD, the Nations are blessed by the Glorious Joel 2:28 Revival that the land of Kenya, the very land of Revival, has so engaged that she has encouraged the global church with the power of the Blood of the Cross of the Lamb without Defect, and the Mighty Holy Spirit!


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