II CHRONICLES of the END TIME REVIVAL, KISUMU, 2015-2016, Prophet Dr. Owuor (Documented!)


Prophet Dr. David Owuor, Monday, December 21st, 2015, live broadcast on Jesusislordradio.

The LORD has spoken with me about The Meeting coming up in Kisumu again. And in this latest conversation I see two boys that were crippled. I see them get up and begin to walk. I see two boys that were crippled, the LORD brings them close to me, there are two boys, probably talking about age twelve (12), totally crippled, born crippled, they get up and begin to walk, and they walk. It is an unbelievable situation, the meeting is wild. There is going to be a Massive Visitation of the LORD in Kisumu. The LORD is continually and perpetually ministering to me about the healing and the big visitation of the grace that is going to take place. And the Glory, the flow of the Glory of The LORD that will take place as He brings His Servant into the meeting. This is going to be one Historic Meeting on the face of the earth.

That means many, many, many crippled–it will overrun the meeting– many cripples will walk, many blind will see, many deaf will hear, many mute will speak, many lame legs will be stretched, and will be strengthened and turned and they will walk. Many wheel chairs abandoned, many crutches abandoned, many bleeding diseases will stop, many wounds will dry up, many tumors will dissolve cancers will dry up, blood conditions like leukemia, diabetes, hypertension, liver hepatitis, internal organs, kidneys that were going through dialysis, many, many conditions including HIV will be healed in this meeting coming up.

This is going to over run everybody, it is going to be a big shock to the nations of the earth when the LORD comes down to heal the people of this land. And I see a girl, a little girl from another land, I don’t know why I think she maybe from the Middle East, I think a guest I see– the hair was done like a little afro–I do not know where she comes from, but someone comes from abroad that is also healed.


So this is going to be a very big visitation. And so, the only thing people can do now is to prepare in repentance, to adhere to righteousness to continue to focusing on this Coming of The MESSIAH… to continue preparing their life because the moment of the Grace of Love is now.

May those who have ears, may those who have ears that can listen to the words of the LORD know that this is the hour for preparing for the visitation of The LORD. This preparation to go to Kisumu is actually the preparation for us to go to Heaven, for the church to be taken up!

So these are the preparatory stages the church will go through, these are the stages the church has to go through to prepare for The Coming of The MESSIAH. As people prepare in repentance, people turn away from sin. I am told there is a huge explosion of Baptisms all over the land. Now there are the sanctifications that the church needs to go through simulating the entry into the Kingdom of God: The final entry. Remember all this builds up to the Coming of the Messiah, my LORD and my Savior, and my Master.

The LORD bless you Kisumu!


Prophecy #5, Unparalleled Visitation of the Holy Anointing of the LORD Coming to Kisumu, Kenya!

Prophet Dr. David Owuor, Saturday, December 19th, 2015, live broadcast on Jesusislordradio.

Well now the LORD has spoken with me. The LORD JEHOVAH, He has spoke with me this past night. He has spoken with me about The Grand Mega Historic End of The Year Revival that is coming to Kisumu. In this conversation, The LORD has shown me the massive unseen visitation that is coming to Kisumu. Again, this past night The LORD JEHOVAH Elohim, The Eternal Creator of the Universe and the Heavens, JEHOVAH The LORD our Maker, Hosenu, JEHOVAH El Shalom, JEHOVAH El Sabaoth, The LORD of Hosts, He has spoken with me about this very, very mega never seen before historic revival that is coming to Kisumu. I am very, very surprised by this type of visitation because I see many, many, many cripples that begin to get up and walk. The Anointing will be tremendous, will be unmatched, unparalleled, unseen before.

I see this young girl, she has raised hair, combed her hair, light skinned, was totally crippled gets up and walks. And I see she is probably around 12 (twelve), maybe 7 (seven), 8 (eight), 9 (nine), 10 (ten) around that age. I see a young man, a boy, of similar age also totally crippled. I see that the left leg had been crippled and swollen, I think like flesh. It was swollen, the left leg was swollen right before the ankle and was weak; swollen, distended and weak. Then The LORD strengthened his legs and he begins to walk for the first time…he was totally crippled!

Unparalleled Visitation of the Holy Anointing of the LORD Coming to Kisumu-Prophet-Dr.Owuor-Prophecy 5-

I see many, many other cripples: crippled babies, the young ones that will begin to walk. They will begin to stand up for the first time make their first steps on this earth, walking toward the LORD. I see mature people that were born crippled that have never walked, also getting up and walking, and middle aged people.

These are a major, major conversation about the meeting that is coming up in Kisumu. The LORD has decided at this moment in time to visit and restore His church to make a very huge visitation. A visitation that has not been seen on this earth before. The LORD JEHOVAH is saying that He is coming in the massive, of all massive power. He is coming to restore the church, He is coming to Love the church, to establish her, to heal her. He is coming to strengthen her feet that she may walk, that she may go now unto the mission of The LORD. That she may bear a testimony, at this very critical hour in the history of the life of the church, on this earth.

I see very, very many blind eyes that are going to pop open; and babies that are very young and blind, babies that are now coming to the age of 3 (three), 4 (four), also, blind eyes are opened, the deaf, the mute. I see mature blind people, also, their eyes opened and then the deaf will hear in their largest numbers. This meeting, in this conversation that the LORD had with me this past night, the visitation of The Holy Anointing of The LORD, the flow of the Glory of The LORD, as The Man of God, The Mighty Prophet, His Servant walks into the stadium, walks into the field, the grounds of the meeting the flow of the Anointing of the Glory of the LORD is going to be so humongous it will overwhelm every living being that is on this earth that will set their ears or their eyes on this.

Now I have understood that this is the meeting that nobody on the face of the earth, nobody created by JEHOVAH, who was created by the God of Israel, the Omnipotent Creator, JEHOVAH El Mekoddishkem, The LORD our Sanctifier, JEHOVAH Eloheenu, JEHOVAH El Gibbor; nobody created by this Mighty God, JEHOVAH El Jireh, can ever afford to miss this meeting!

Now I have understood because this is going to be a meeting like none ever, never ever seen before. Because, as the LORD will bring His Mighty Servant, as He brings him right at the entrance into the grounds of the meeting the most unspoken Anointing of The LORD will fall from Heaven, and it will be overwhelming. In this conversation this night, the LORD has shown me that this will overrun earth, will be literally overrun by the massive healing anointing, the glory that will fall there. It is going baptize people, many, many, many cripples are going to walk, it is going to stun the eyes of any creation that has been created by the LORD on this earth.

It is going to stun the eyes of creation to see the numbers of cripples, how they are going to walk, very many cripples will get up and walk. Because this is the hour for them to get up, the waiting is over now. The LORD has also shown me in this conversation that many, many, many blind eyes will open, blind babies, blind children, boys and girls and mature people, women and men, born totally blind for all their lives for once they will now see for the first time. Many blind eyes will open. Many, many deaf ears will pop open, they will hear very clearly, and I have seen the ears very sensitive. The ears become extremely sensitive, very, very sensitive they can not stand the sound of the public address system (PA system).  Many, many in the largest number ever, ever they will be healed, the LORD will heal in batches: many, many deaf ears.

The healing anointing that the LORD has now brought forth at this hour into the life of His Servant is now Heavenly, is a Heavenly Anointing that is going to visit that ground because I see the number of healings of the deaf as never seen before, which means finally their cries to the LORD, JEHOVAH El Adonai, JEHOVAH El Tsidkenu, JEHOVAH El Gibbor, El Shammah, JEHOVAH Eloheeka, The LORD is now saying that their waiting is over! They have been waiting that they may walk, as cripples that waiting is over because of the hour. The clock now in Heaven has shifted now, and we are sitting on the verge of eternity.

This is the hour when the most precious of the the power of the Blood of the Cross of JESUS must come to bear, must come to bear on this earth. That JESUS must be feared now! The Blood of JESUS must be defended by this Servant. The Power of the anointing of the Cross must now be defended at this hour that everybody know that their is no other power on this earth, and in heaven that is higher than JESUS, the Power of The MESSIAH!

The Power of The Blood!

I see many, many, many cripples healed as the LORD brings His Mighty Servant to the field and many blind eyes are opened, many deaf ears are opened that are sensitive… many tongues that were mute loosened, and many lame legs stretched and strengthened. I see them walking around without crutches and wheelchairs. Many paralytics are going to get up and walk and celebrate the goodness of the LORD. Many broken backs, many spinal cord injuries, bleeding diseases, wounds, many types of internal organs, the kidneys, the liver, the spleen, the heart, many conditions will be healed.

There will be a massive outpour of The Glory of The LORD when The LORD brings His Mighty Servant into this tremendous, historic meeting of this time, the meeting of our life.

Remember! It is the same Kisumu, the same ground at which the Massive Cloud of JEHOVAH, The Cloud of MZEE, The Cloud of the God of Moses came down and visited His Servant there. So, this is going to be yet another moment when the LORD is going to make a bold move, and do what has not been spoken before, what has not been seen before, what has not been heard before because of the hour in which we live. This is the hour of righteousness! This is the hour of holiness! This is the hour of preparing for the Coming of The MESSIAH!

The LORD is going to do creation. He is going to create many things on people to establish the power of the Blood of JESUS, the power of the Cross at Calvary. He will establish it without, He will establish it with extreme power to ensure that the Blood of JESUS is finally defended again!

He has sent forth a fiery Messenger to defend the Cross, to defend the MESSIAH, to defend the Blood of JESUS again, and restore the church and announce the Coming of the MESSIAH, the King of Israel, the King of kings, the King of Jerusalem.

Many years the pastors of corruption have gone around with woman, they have taken money, they have spoken money, they have corrupted their lives, and the Blood and the Cross has been diminished, had been rubbished, has been extinguished. But now, He sends forth a fiery one to restore, to defend the Messiah again, to defend the Blood, defend the Cross, defend the church, defend the MESSIAH…He is Coming!

I have seen the fire of the MESSIAH. I have seen His Glory Coming. I see the Glory of the MESSIAH Coming. I see Him Come. I see Him Coming.

Prophecy #4 Sunday December 13th, 2015! Grand Mega Historic VISITATION COMING TO KISUMU!

By Mighty Prophet, Dr. David Owuor, Sunday, December 13th, 2015 live broadcast on Jesusislordradio.

The LORD has spoken with me, The LORD has spoken with me blessed listeners. The LORD Almighty, The LORD Most High. He spoken with me this past night in a dream, and in that dream the LORD spoke about The Grand Mega Historic Revival Healing Service that will take place in Kisumu. The LORD has showed me a huge gathering of millions, upon millions, upon millions of people. It is going to be the Biggest Meeting that ever happened in the history of the church, ever since the church was created. It is going to be such a meeting that nobody can afford to miss. It is going to be the setting of history by the LORD Most High.

In that conversation, the LORD, He took me to the Meeting and then He showed me how at the moment when I would walk into the field, many, many, many blind eyes will open. I see this little baby that the LORD even brought close to me. A baby that was totally blind, the eyes opened. A little baby that was carried eyes were opened and the baby now able to see their mother for the first time.

Many cripples have walked. I see this boy that is crippled, probably about 12 (twelve) to 15 (fifteen) years old. Many, many cripples walking they are abandoning their wheelchairs. The lame they are abandoning their crutches. The mute, the deaf, the paralytic, spinal cord injuries, the tumors that will dissolve, I see cancers that will dry up, HIV that will dry from the blood of those who are concerned, the infected people. I see bleeding diseases that will stop , mentally ill that will be restored instantly, at the moment when the LORD brings me to the field of the meeting.

 I also see the LORD helping peoples wounds, their wounds drying up. There is going to be a very historic, truly indeed, the Grand Mega Historic Visitation Meeting of our time that is going to take place in the city of Kisumu. So, that can only tell us that this most historic meeting, historic visitation of this hour; bigger than Eldoret 1 (one) and Eldoret 2 (two) is going to take place in Kisumu: and free of charge, nobody will be charged, the way you see fake miracles on TV and all that nonsense happening.


The LORD is coming to do this to clean up the church, also, that He may expose the fake. This meeting is Free of Charge! People are going to come from all over the earth, already we have more than 82 (eighty-two) guests whose flight tickets we received from pastors all over the world. So this is going to be indeed The Grand Mega Historic Revival Healing Service of our time.

The LORD is asking people to prepare, to prepare for their visitation. Let people repent, and keep away from sin, deliberate sin. Let people observe a righteousness lifestyle that they may be visited. Observe holiness that you may not miss your visitation. That nothing may stand in your way, may come between you and this historic visitation of JEHOVAH.

There is going to be grand mega historic visitation into the church and that visitation is going to take place in Kisumu. This will be a wonder; it will cause people to wonder, the nations will wonder, everybody will wonder that all those that behold this they will be caused to wonder at the Mighty of the LORD, and the greatness of His power, and healing grace.

The LORD is going to heal all diseases under the sun. I do not know what will happen in Kisumu because also I have heard Him in the other conversation when he said, “The GLORY of MZEE!” He shouted, yelled very loudly, “THE GLORY OF MZEE!” “THE GLORY OF MZEE!” “THE GLORY of the LORD!” So remember, Kisumu is where the Cloud visited the church from, that is where the Cloud first touched down.

This visitation, The Cloud of GOD that is now shouting and trumpeting repentance across the earth and bringing revival, healing many people, walking with man, walking with the church. It all began in Kisumu on that December 31st, 2012. And so, Kisumu, anything big and historic, wondrous might happen in Kisumu. Kisumu is a meeting that nobody wants to miss.

I have seen a lot of people: millions upon millions. In fact, right from the road as I was entering Kisumu, I saw millions, upon millions, everybody from all over the earth will be in Kisumu.

These are the signs and the wonders of the times and they speak to us very clearly about the need to observe a righteousness and a holy living, and to always maintain a state of preparedness that way we may not miss the Coming of the Messiah! May those who partake of this visitation be the blessed ones.


Prophecy #3 HUGE VISITATION OF HEALING COMING TO KISUMU- Friday December 4, 2015!

By Mighty Prophet, Dr. David Owuor, December 4th, 2015 live broadcast on Jesusislordradio.

Now The LORD has spoken with me in a very mighty way about the Glorious meeting that will take place in Kisumu and that is a continuation of the original conversation. The LORD has continued to give me greater detail of the visitation that will come to Kisumu. In this latest conversation, the LORD JEHOVAH has spoken with me about healing that will take place there. I see a baby whose eyes that will be opened, a bit of tears…then will see…I see that it’s a boy, 12, years old or 15 years old, a boy, I do not know exact age around 12 or so; who is able to see also. And there is another that is able to walk for the first time, a crippled baby.

So that means that many, many blind eyes will open in the meeting in Kisumu at the end of this year. The LORD will open many, many blind eyes and blind babies. Peoples babies who were blind…like Aaron Kipchirchir of Kaptagat: who was healed in Eldoret. Families that are in that situation, that baby Aaron were in; are going to be released and set free. Because the LORD is going to heal many blind babies. He’s going to open their eyes…going to create different structures in their eyes; where medicine said they had no hope to see…they will now be able see again.


Furthermore, the LORD at the same time is saying, “many cripples will walk”. So in this Tremendous Grand Mega Historic Revival Healing Service that will take place in Kisumu…many cripples…from crippled babies, to normal aged crippled boys and girls…children and crippled adults, people that had no hope: the LORD is going to heal their crippled legs and to restore their legs. I can see some of their legs are thin, but the LORD is going to strengthen weak legs, and they will walk FREE of charge by The POWER of The Blood of JESUS.

He is going to help many cripples get up, raise them from the soil and then they walk for the first times in their lives, and celebrate the goodness of the power of the Blood of Jesus. Secondly, many, many blind eyes will open, blind babies. Many families have babies that are blind and they are stuck with the hospitals that can no help them anymore.

The LORD is now saying that hope is coming! That hope is coming in the anointing in the Blood of JESUS. The Mighty Power of The Blood of JESUS that was shed at Calvary is now coming to deliver His people, to open the blind eyes of many babies that were blind they will see. They will see their mothers for the first time. Many mothers that were blind will see their babies for the firs time. Many wheel chairs will be abandon in the meeting.

The LORD will also stretch and strengthen the shriveled leg, the lame leg. He will pull them, strengthen them, and put them down that they may stand up again for the Glory of Jesus! I have seen these things already before they come to pass. They shall come to pass on that day, December 31, and January 1, all throughout, and even as the LORD releases me from Nairobi to begin movement towards Kisumu, the healing anointing of the LORD. The LORD will zoom, go ahead of The Man of GOD. People will be healed before the meeting even has begun.

At the same time, the LORD has spoken to me about the lame that will abandon their crutches., and then the deaf and the dumb. The LORD will set them free. Many from the schools of the deaf will come in buses and the LORD will heal them in batches. This time it is much bigger than meeting we held in Eldoret One (1) and Eldoret Two (2) combined. This is going to be a humongous Historic Revival Healing Service. Many, many, many mute, deaf are going to be healed. I also see a lot of spinal cord injuries will be restored be opened, people get off their crutches, people get off their stretchers, and they are going to be able to walk again. Many, many peoples wounds, the bleeding diseases, tumors are going to dissolve, all these things, even the spleens.

I see kidneys inside that the LORD is going to restore so they do not go back to dialysis will restore. Cancers, and HIV will dry up. They will join the pool of HIV that the government doctors have been testing in this country…testing, and testing and finding that they have been healed. The LORD is coming to dry up the cancers the tumors and even those babies whose necks are weak to support their heads, their legs are weak and their are like ropes. Hands, the LORD is going to strengthen them and make another formation of their limbs because this is the Hour of the Latter Glory of JEHOVAH is visiting the holy church. The church that has separated from sexual sin, the church that has separated from lies, the church that has separated from deception, the church that has separated from the gospel of money and prosperity–the gospel that tries to sell the Blood of Jesus.

This is the hour for the humongous promised Latter Revival in the church. That is why the Message that is coming forth from here is a Message of return to righteousness, return to holiness, the embracing of repentance, which is the Gospel that Jesus left in the church. Repentance being the turning away from sin and wickedness. There is a big revival meeting that has never been seen before coming to Kisumu. And then now, in that conversation yesterday at night, the LORD again in that dream reminded me of the Cloud of JEHOVAH that came down on Kisumu December 31, 2012. The Cloud that is still throbbing the church, reviving the church, cleaning the church, directing the church, leading the church, rebuking the church and preparing the church for the Coming of the Messiah!

So these are wonderful times to be a Christian. These are the days now when the LORD is living among people and He says. “The dwelling of God has now become man.” The LORD is now dwelling amongst His people, at this hour.

At that time, when the LORD showed me in that dream that Cloud in Kisumu then the Voice shouted very, very LOUD. The LORD literally screamed by Voice from Heaven, and He said, “The CLOUD of JEHOVAH, the CLOUD of MZEE.” I am giving you the exact words he said. (scribe note: MZEE is Swahili, Kiswahili, meaning the “CLOUD of the ANCIENT of DAYS”.)

And so it looks like Kisumu is going to be very big historic meeting again, like it was at that of the Visitation and even greater, because I have seen a greater level of healing, and people set free. People with hydrocephalous He will shrink them, wounds that have blocked, bleeding diseases, the wounds will dry up, any leukemia’s in the blood, diabetes, all these conditions: hypertensions, the LORD JEHOVAH, even heart conditions, people with enlarged hearts the LORD is going to bring normalcy, make them whole and restore them from all manner of disease under the sun are going to be healed.

This is the visitation that we are sitting at its brinks. We are sitting at the brinks of a major Visitation, on the verge of a big Visitation in Kisumu. Beyond that The LORD has also spoken with me about this earthquake that is coming to this land. I see myself preparing to go to Kisumu. As I am packing my things I see an earthquake that is coming to this land I do not know exactly when it takes place, but it looks like I am packing and preparing to go to a meeting, a particular meeting, and then this earthquake takes place. These are the days of His Servant, and these are the Days of HIS GLORY! These are the days when the Power, and Authority of The LORD is becoming manifest onto the earth that man may see and hearken unto The Voice of The LORD.

What I have seen is a huge visitation that will heal a lot of people uncountable. I could see a lot of people trying to get to the Altar. Many wheelchairs and crutches lifted up trying to come. People with broken back with those four legged aluminum structures trying to get to the Altar but could not reach it.

Let everybody prepare in righteousness and receive their visitation! Again, like I’ve said, nobody knows the Hour neither do they know the Day. The Day and the Hour is not known when the Messiah comes, but when we see these types of Visitations come to the church it speaks very greatly about the Hour, it speaks very much about the time, the season we are in that any moment now the church can go into eternity.

The church that I see the LORD taking is the holy church. I am talking about the holy church where there is no sexual sin, where the pastors are not lusting at girls and women, where the pastors are not preaching money at all. I see a church that is taken that is glorious, mature, stable church. A church that is well established in the Gospel righteousness. I see a church that is Loved by JEHOVAH, a mighty church, a church of the Kingdom of GOD. That is the church I see the LORD taking. That is the church I see the LORD taking into His eternity.

At the same time, I see the CLOUD, He showed me the CLOUD at night when the LORD yelled. He literally yelled, and said, “Look the CLOUD of JEHOVAH, the CLOUD of MZEE.” I jumped up. I woke up.

Within the mix of this conversation I still see an earthquake that shakes me very violently. I was preparing to go to a meeting. I do not want say which particular meeting, and then this earthquake takes place, in this land. There is an earthquake that is coming and I see this big Visitation of JEHOVAH.

These are the signs that the Messiah is coming. Blessed is the nation that the LORD speaks with that she may be able to hearken to His Voice and enter eternity. May The LORD bless all of those who have hearkened to the Words of JEHOVAH that one day they may be counted in heaven as those that heeded the call, heeded the trumpet of The Hour and prepared in righteousness, prepared a glorious garment, a holy garment and entered into the eternity: the eternal worship of JEHOVAH.

Shalom! Shalom!

Prophecy of the LORD #2


Prophet Dr. Owuor, December 1, 2015.

I know that there is a big repentance going on with this nation. The LORD has spoken with me about The Grand Mega Historic Revival Meeting coming up in Kisumu. In that mighty conversation, The LORD JEHOVAH took me, again, to that meeting. He showed me a very, very, big meeting. It is going to be historic, in its nature and its kind. I see millions, and millions, and millions of people gathered at one place to worship JESUS, to worship JEHOVAH, and to worship the HOLY SPIRIT.

There is a Big Revival that has exploded out in the church and now it is absolutely obvious to everybody. Then, the LORD showed me the level of healing that will take place in Kisumu. Now, the level of healing that will take place in Kisumu is almost ten fold (10) from what you have seen in Eldoret One (1) and Eldoret Two (2). There is going to be a big humongous visitation of the Grace of GOD, the tremendous glory of The Blood of JESUS is going to flow over the entire meeting in Kisumu.

There are several levels and this now becomes the third level that the LORD has shown me. The first level that I told you will be at the peripheries of the meeting and all the people that will not be able to enter the meeting will partake of a very shocking healing anointing that will consume the peripheries of the meeting. I have seen now a higher level, a second level that will consume from the periphery to the entire inside of the meeting. It will be very great, very shocking!  People will tremble when they see this. Some of the creative miracles the LORD will do for those who have no limbs, those that have no eyes. Many things the LORD will do. I have seen many, many, many cripples babies that will get up and walk: the crippled boys and girls, the crippled men, the crippled women, the crippled old people. Many wheel chairs will be abandoned at that meeting.

I have seen the many, many, many blind babies, blind children, girls and boys, the blind men and women, blind old people (healed). I have also seen the many, many deaf and mute babies, mature children, boys and girls in schools, the deaf and mute who are adults, who are mature (healed). It is an unaccountable number of deaf and mute. And the lame, the LORD will stretch their legs. The LORD will literally touch the lame’s legs with His own hand! I have seen the LORD touch their leg and pull their leg, stretch them and place them on the ground and strengthen them, extend some of the columns of their legs, extend some of their limbs, their hands, and strengthen the necks, and put skulls where there was no skull where there was a rotting head, and many, many skin conditions.

I have seen also bleeding diseases stopped, and mentally ill restored and many wounds that dry up. I see a lot of other healings: leukemia, blood conditions, diabetes, hypertension, the liver conditions, the renal conditions, all these people doing dialysis the LORD is coming to restore internal organs; the spleen, the heart, the stomach, the esophagus, the tongues. The LORD is coming to heal those wounds: internal bleeding, ulcers, the necrotic tissue that have covered different organs, the small, small little tumors that have surrounded different livers. The LORD is coming to do a major, tremendous, historic work in Kisumu.

I have also seen the LORD coming to do other healing that have not happened before: The people had hydrocephalus heads that will be reduced, Down’s syndrome!

This becomes a very important time in the history of the church. Even HIV AIDS that has for a long time defeated human conventional medicine to cure to find a cure for He is coming to overrule the physical laws of nature, and heal them and turn them negative and at the same time the tumors will dissolve, the fibroids will be dissolved.

Let everybody come to into Kisumu. Let them come expecting a major historic healing that will turn their lives all around and catapult them and throw them right into heaven. It will give them an ever lasting testimony that will cause nothing ever again to never drift their away from JESUS. Then those two levels of healing, the LORD now shows me yesterday and today a major, major, major historic level. This is going to be almost ten (10) fold what I have seen in Eldoret One (1) and Eldoret Two (2) coming to Kisumu.

You are very much aware that Kisumu is the part, the place at which the Cloud of God that I prophesied came and entered the church through. That is where the Cloud landed. Now The LORD is sending this restoration and revival of The Latter Glory across the ends of the earth. This again we do not know. This becomes one, yet, another meeting whose heights and limits we cannot tell. Anything can happen from Kisumu. Anything might happen there, anything will happen there.

The LORD will do mighty, mighty things that will stun this land. Sometimes I even fear that the LORD can do things that He has not done before. The Cloud…anything can happen in Kisumu at this hour. Because of the proximity with which we have drawn towards the Coming of the Messiah. Everything I have spoken until now is GOD’s tremendous, unspoken, unseen Love…The love of the grace of our LORD JESUS that is now beginning to manifest to really show the church. In the past, people had now known what really the grace of GOD that was realized and experienced at the Cross at Calvary: What it is or what it will look like in these last days. But now we are beginning to see the unraveling, we are beginning to see the revelation of the Glory of the Grace that was realized and experienced at the Calvary Cross.

There is so much more after the cleaning of sin and setting men free. There is so much more in the healing and the physical restoration of the church. Apart from the spiritual restoration then He says, “The physical restoration of the church in order to separate out the church.” That they may now be known as people whose God is Jehovah. The people whose God YHWH that they may now be a separated people, the elect, the holy elect of The LORD. All the those things are happening in a very short time and at this time in the history of the church because the LORD is exploiting them to speak to the inner chambers of your hearts, to let all the nations of the earth and the people of the earth to know that this is the hour to draw closer to the LORD. So LORD, He is Good! This is the hour to draw closer to Him and as He heals us then now you to turn away from your sins, you observe a much more holier life.

It is a very blessed time because this is again the time that which the nations are going to observe a sacred assembly. We have received a lot of confirmation of pastors, leaders of the gospel from all over the earth who are coming to converge in Kisumu. There are coming to witness for themselves what the LORD is doing in the church, especially in this land. That they may develop a deeper hunger. A hunger that cannot be explained in this lifetime and be able to fetch this fire, and take it back to their nations.

We’ve got pastors from the UK coming, a lot of pastors from the Netherlands coming, also from Trinidad and Tobago, Pastors coming from Angola, pastors coming from Brazil, pastors coming from Uganda, pastors from all over the world: Germany, all nations are coming from Finland. They are coming to witness the Mighty Visitation of this hour. The Visitation that many generations simply read about and imagined in their minds how that Visitation the Bible describes would look like. But now here comes the generation, the beloved generation has been afforded the wonderful, indescribable privilege of partaking…to behold the Visitation of this hour.

How precious will this hour be! That is why I am saying that we need to be very careful. Sometimes judgment and revival enter at the same time into the house. I think this is the moment of awakening when people of this nation, and of course, globally, need to understand that whenever the LORD in the Bible allowed a given generation to partake of His Visitation then unto that generation a responsibility was bestowed, which means that there are certain bench marks of God that that they would have to now live by. That is why this very tremendous conversation about JEHOVAH coming to visit the church and He has chosen that place of Visitation is going to be in Kisumu, the city of Kisumu, in the nation of Kenya: the land of Revival.

Again, when the LORD loved Israel, many time and blessed them with His visitation, and positioned, stationed His towers from that nation of Israel then it meant that from that day on Israel would be living in the sight of God, in the eyes of JEHOVAH. And that is the responsibility that I am talking about today. How I said that all these tremendous visitations are coming and there is going to be an unspeakable healings: diabetes, leukemia, cancers will dry up, all of them, that tumors will dissolve, and the cripples will get up and walk. many of the wheel chairs will be abandoned at the Altar, and the peripheries of the meeting, many crutches and hips will be left there.

He is saying, “Many, many blind eyes will see. Many canes, the white canes will be abandoned there, as we saw in Eldoret.” But He is saying, ” higher, almost ten (10) fold, ten (10) what you have seen in Eldoret One (1) and Eldoret Two (2) combined! He is talking about people with wounds, people that have spinal cord crushed like Phoebe that we know of, Phoebe Kitali that came to Eldoret when the spinal cord was crushed and the back injury was too big. She could not get up, she was lying and could not even sit. The LORD is saying, “When you saw that Phoebe is now walking and running, He is coming to do ten (10) fold that in Kisumu! So all the people off Kisumu, the poor people of Kisumu, the neighboring areas of Kisii, wherever, western that were not able to afford the fair, or go to hospital, or come to Eldoret for the Healing Service of the LORD now the opportunity has availed of them to move a short distance and get right into the center of the Visitation of JEHOVAH their God.

The Bible speaks very clearly that during these times when the Glory of God is walking with the church the church now needs to be more careful, the priesthood, the pastors, need to be more diligent and the way they minister before the LORD. Because now they are ministering in the complete presence of JEHOVAH, the God of Israel, our Creator.

Again, the blessed tidings I bring you from the Man of God this evening is that I have seen an unspeakable level of healing, the healing anointing of the LORD that is going to come to Kisumu. It will be very shocking, and some of you may think that “that is it now, the Messiah is here now.” Nobody knows the day or the hour but Blessed are you that are able to translate this Visitation into the holy preparations for the Glorious Coming of the Messiah, my LORD, and my KING; the KING of ZION.


Prophecy of the LORD #1

Prophecy of the LORD: Massive Visitation of Heaven to Befall Kisumu-November 12, 2015

by Mighty Prophet Dr.David Owuor, November 12, 2015.

Amen, my daughter, Pastor Joanne. I just wanted your listeners to know, the Lord Jehovah, the Creator of Jerusalem, the Creator of Israel, the Omnipotent GOD of Heaven, the GOD that takes people to Heaven, the same GOD that takes people to hell; Jehovah Elohim, the Cornerstone of Zion. He has spoken with me in a very, very, mighty way, even as we begin our mission to Europe.

The Lord has spoken with me about the upcoming Historic Grand Mega End of Year Healing Service that will take place in the city of Kisumu. In that conversation that the LORD engaged me on, I see the field of the Meeting.  The LORD already took me to the field and I walked the length of the field of the Meeting.

And I walked the breadth of that field of the Meeting. As I walked, Jehovah was walking on my right-hand side and speaking to me about that field of the Meeting in Kisumu as the LORD Jehovah walked with me, the entire length of that Meeting, the field of the Meeting, in the city of Kisumu and then walked with me also across the entire breadth of that field of the Meeting in the city of Kisumu. Then the voice of the LORD said, “This is where the Church will be.” At that time, He lifted me up and I saw a tremendous, unspoken, unseen, Massive Healing Service of the LORD. I saw a Healing Anointing drop from Heaven as has not been seen before. I saw the Mighty Power of the Healing Anointing of Jehovah drop…befall…fall on the Meeting. And the entire inch, every single inch of that field was covered with an unbelievable, unspoken, unseen Healing Anointing of Jehovah.

I saw the cripples getting up and walking in the largest numbers that I could not reach. The blind eyes opening across the entire place. The deaf ears opening that I could not reach. The mute, the mute tongues being loosened, they were speaking for the first time with excitement. I saw the lame drop their crutches, their legs stretched and pulled and strengthened; they were walking away. Then I saw the paralytics get off their wheelchairs, some were getting off their beds, and stretchers, and mattresses, with the young ones walking away. The weak necks of babies strengthened. I saw the babies with brains that were weak also strengthened and fully restored.

I saw tumors dissolve, cancers dry up. I saw leukemia dried from the blood, I saw diabetes deleted, I saw everything deleted from the blood. I saw peoples wounds dry, even those who looked more like lepers. I saw an unbelievable, unspoken, that which was promised in the Bible, only to be seen at this time…that Healing I have seen it befall the field of the Meeting in the city of Kisumu. Oh how blessed is that city to see the End Revival of Jehovah. The final workings of GOD right before the Messiah arrives.

I saw all of the conditions including the lunatics being set free right from the moment the LORD walked HIS Servant, HE walked with, HE was literally walking on my right hand side, very close, less than 1 meter away and speaking to me about this Meeting and doing the works of Heaven in this Meeting. Heaven is coming down in Kisumu at the end of this year December 31 (thirty-one) and January 1 (one) when the Mighty Grand Mega Revival Healing Service of this year; to crown up the year and to begin the new year 2016. I saw different bleeding conditions, women with bleeding also that stopped. Everything happened in that field and I say different levels of that healing, The LORD showed me the first(1st) level which covered the entire field. Then I saw another level of healing that now consumed the peripheries of the field because people were so many: some of them were at the peripheries.

I saw millions and millions and millions and millions and millions, millions, and millions and millions of people. Some of them were in big crowds at the periphery of the field because it was totally bunched up, shoulder tight. And then that level, the second level began to consume the periphery and the Healing of the LORD totally consumed that upcoming Meeting. How awesome to break this news from the Throne of Jehovah in Heaven at this hour when the Church indeed is aware that we’re sitting on the verge of Eternity. How blessed it will be to be in that Meeting when the Church is sitting that now anything can happen at any time.

There is going to be a Massive Visitation of Heaven. The GOD of Heaven who has settled HIS Cloud in the Church. The Creator of all the heavens, all the planets, all the flesh, the lakes, rivers, nations, and all mankind and all living beings, plus the rocks, stones, and mountains. The Creator of every single creation that ever came into being. HE is bringing Heaven to Kisumu at the end of this year and every single condition…whatever the kind, from cancers, the tumors, the leukemia’s, right from the beginning of the cripples, the blind, the deaf, the mute, the lame, paralytics, spinal cord injuries, the weak necks, people without bones in the skull that are weak, that are broken, rotting bodies…the LORD is going to do what HE has not done before.

It is as though Eldoret 1(one) and Eldoret 2(two) are going to be cumulatively combined and come down in Kisumu. What a mighty time to live for anybody on this earth to live to hear this beautiful tidings of Heaven: the tidings of the Throne of GOD coming to visit the nation on the edge of Eternity. To prepare the Church in Righteousness, to prepare the Church for Holiness, to prepare the Church for the Coming of the Kingdom of the Messiah, to prepare the Church for these wonderful days of Revival; that the hearts of men would return to the LORD. That their hearts may be swept away from the things of the world. From the declining and deluding this decaying and perishable earth: the worldliness we see today.

What a wonderful opportunity to partake of this Visitation and enter to see the Kingdom of GOD. So, for all those that would be privileged to come this is the hour to begin to prepare in REPENTANCE and RIGHTEOUSNESS that you may not miss this unbelievable Anointing. This Anointing that has not been seen in the Church. This Healing Anointing that will fall, will drop, will go from Heaven and fall into the Meeting of the field in the city of Kisumu. Even as we leave to Europe, this has shocked me because I have a few nations ahead of me here and then the LORD speaks to me about the Mighty, Grand, Mega, Historic, Revival, Healing Service in the city of Kisumu.

Oh, how beautiful are the days we live to see! Oh, how blessed are those that leave to partake of this final Healing Anointing and Visitation of Jehovah our GOD. These are the days that the Bible spoke about, the days when the hearts of men would be driven away from the world by the Massive Anointing of the Visitation of the LORD. I have seen the Messiah Coming and these are the processes to Prepare the Church for the Glorious Coming of the Messiah.

It is this level of Visitation that the LORD has sent me whose tidings decree and pronounce across the face of the earth…these…these things are the ones that were meant to convince, to win back the hearts of men from the world back to JESUS. May the LORD bless all those who have heard this that they may know the KING of KINGS, the REDEEMER of all men is finally coming to redeem HIS Church from the peril and the pain, the sorrows of this world that she may have an Eternity of PEACE, Eternity of BLESSEDNESS, Eternity of BLISS, in the Glorious Kingdom of ETERNITY, the Kingdom of Heaven.

Those who have ears, INDEED, PREPARE the WAY for HIS GLORIOUS RETURN.