Garment of the LORD, Garment of This Hour! by Prophet Dr. David Owuor

The Garment of the LORD

What the Church Ought to Know

By Prophet Dr. Owuor


On that day, as the LORD gradually ascended within the depths of the clouds, and right before the eyes of His terrified disciples, the light of His glory slowly but steadily faded away as the clouds covered Him, and the shadows of night once more consumed the hills of the earth. Anxiety, fear, and hopelessness immediately began to bite, and define the appearance of the now lonely disciples, as they set out to retrace their path back home that night. Their hearts became heavy and their moods pensive as they revisited the places at which they had sat down with the LORD, as He discipled and cared for them.

Left like virtual orphans, they felt empty and vain, as loneliness began to once more consume the deep of their hearts. However, reminiscence still dictated that they revisit the memorable locations at which the LORD had sat and spoken His sayings! The only difference now being that on every occasion whenever they arrived at each of those memorable sites, as they fearfully stared from a distance at the seat upon which the LORD had sat, their tears freely rolled down for He was no more, and His SEAT was finally empty! He had left, and this time around, raptured right before their very eyes as the cloud took HIM away into the glorious Kingdom of heaven.

Nevertheless, in all that anguish of despair, the brightest picture that was ever beheld by humanity, remains in the mémoire of the splendour of His glorious garment that was splashed at the graveyard upon His momentous resurrection. Ever since then, the milestone declaration that the LORD made on the Cross, and the note He struck upon agony, will resound to the ends of the earth, and swell to the close of time. Having departed with such great grief, as the disciples vouched to make known the things they had seen and heard, chief among them was the glorious garment the LORD had splashed by the empty tomb.

This to them became the genuine hallmark of the eternal victory upon which they needed to summon humanity’s attention. It is a victory that continues to beckon the fact that humanity is still as much the object of heaven’s solicitude today, as when common man of common occupation met Christ Jesus at the noon day, and talked with him as the Heavenly Messenger in the vineyards of the fields, and the waters of Galilee. This is what has highly exalted the glorious garment of resurrection into an exhaustless theme, and especially today when the return of the Messiah has now drawn extremely near.

This garment of resurrection has become the song to which THE LORD is drawing the hearts of men to chorus, as the midnight hour ticks in. With tender regard for the fears of their human weakness, at that grave site, the LORD had given them time to become accustomed to the divine radiance of His glorious resurrection garment. For their cause alone, He ushered that garment of triumph into the life story of the church. It indeed became the masterpiece of the church’s hymn!

Pale Horse & the Garment

Hushed up in the grueling routine of today’s life, humanity seems to simply keep on rehearsing their habitual pursuits as they perform their usual chores, to be seen by men. And yet, in their strive for worldly honour and earthly glory, it is obvious that they are not prepared to meet their Saviour in the glorious coming of the Messiah. It was within the backdrop of such a hectic mundane of man, that one day as I lay down on the floor of the airport in Johannesburg, the LORD Spoke with me another time, about the garment for this hour.

When the fullness of time had come on that July 29th 2009, and while on my way to Venezuela, I saw the visions of JEHOVAH the Ruler of Israel; whose goings forth have been from of old, from days of eternity to eternity. In those visions, while asleep on the floor of the airport in Johannesburg, the Voice of the LORD Said,

“Look and see who is coming”.

The moment I looked left in that vision, then I saw the most powerful Pale Horse coming with his rider. It was such a stunning event to behold in that apocalyptic vision. The Pale Horse I saw coming, exuded a lot of impunity and ferocity of power. As he mercilessly came with his rider, thick darkness followed him very aggressively and close by. After that, I saw him running with so much cruelty and viciousness all over the earth, as he brought violent death to the nations. This is the prophecy which I gave, that led to the massive and bloody uprising across the Arab world todate. (See prophecy

Raiment of worship

The second part of this July 29th, 2009 vision was even much more fascinating when the LORD all of a sudden lifted me up into the sky, and allowed me to see the events as they unfolded in heaven. The events I saw realize in heaven were those that relate to the rapture of the church, and the final entry of GOD ‘s elect into HIS glorious Kingdom. That is when I was able to see the glorious church of Christ after she had just been raptured into the glorious Kingdom of heaven.

The church I saw take her place in the Kingdom of heaven, is a congregation that constituted the glorious royal and priestly bride of Christ. In the manner of her reception in heaven, one thing came out vividly clear; that she beheld the right to sit at the official wedding feast of the Lamb. In that vision, that church had splendorous gloriousraiment that flowed all the way to their feet and a little longer, forming what is often known as the ‘train’ of the garment. From where The Man Of The Spirit had positioned me in the sky, I could clearly see the glorious raptured church of Christ joyously worshipping right in front of the Throne of HE that is the Alpha and the Omega.


The LORD in that vision made me know that HE that Sits on The Throne, was indeed seated on The Throne together with The Lamb. Moreover, what particularly caught my attention in this segment of the vision, was the glamour of the radiance that exuded from the glorious raiment of the saints as they fervently worshipped JEHOVAH.

Whenever the royal bride blissfully worshipped in unison, the splendour of the glory on their garments spilled out, and radiated all the way from heaven towards me, like thousands of flashes of lightening. It is these flashes of glory that greatly underscored the benchmark of rapture as attested by heaven unto the present-day church. This was yet another occasion at which the LORD at HIS golden courts, deliberately arrayed the garment for the church as an important yardstick for entry into HIS Kingdom.

When heaven receded & Beheld the Garment

In yet another profound follow-up vision of the LORD, JEHOVAH once more opened up and gave away, on the matter of the garment that the church ought to prepare at this hour. With regard to this garment of the church, The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY again deemed it fit to dialogue with me regarding this very important yardstick of entry into rapture.

It was in the afternoon of April 4th 2011 that I suddenly fell asleep and the LORD once more confided in me regarding the hour, and the matter of the coming of the Messiah. In that mighty vision, I saw heaven recede in both directions and behold, the magnificent splendour of His glory. The glory I saw bestow the entrance of heaven upon receding, was in clusters of authority that adorned that gateway to eternity. However, on closer examination and scrutiny, I quickly grasped that what JEHOVAH had paraded right before my very eyes was indeed a tremendous heavenly cloak that essentially denoted the splendor of HIS glorious Kingdom. This presentation by the LORD and especially at the gate, is what brought to life the long foretold the biblical requirements of heaven for this generation.

As I continued paying particular attention to this mighty piece of raiment that adorned the gateway that had just opened from heaven into the sky, then I realized that this essentially marked the finest linen ever knit both in this lifetime and beyond! It was such a standard that no man can achieve by themselves in this mortal lifetime.

The heavenly textile I saw was such a fine garment whose value surpassed from eternity even unto eternity. Still caught up in the splendour of its display, I quickly perceived from the LORD that this piece of raiment that had clothed the entrance to heaven, was as a matter of fact, a direct announcement from heaven, and above the earth here on its incontestable requirement for rapture.

That heavenly cloth of honour effectively ministered a serious message unto the nations. It principally gave testimony that Christ Jesus the Messiah indeed died on the Cross, and as a consequence drew all the souls of the righteous saints with HIM, into the upper chambers of GOD . In that way, this vision became a direct pronouncement that the ransom for purchase of the hearts of men was fully met, and the leprosy of their souls totally cleansed. The LORD is using this vision to say that indeed the garment of eternity that Jesus bestowed upon the church is the only antidote that can cast the devil out of the human soul and heal the leprosy of sin, in the soul. It is this healing of the leprous human soul that the LORD our GOD in heaven vouched for on that day when HE clothed heaven’s gates with the glorious garment of eternity. And that all was now finished on the Cross by the gifting of all that believe with the tenderest of hearts, that Jesus indeed has become both LORD and Saviour of the human race. To them that subscribe to this grace, a splendorous garment is given, a cloak whose radiance indeed is able to strike the standards of the LORD as relates to the wedding feast of The Lamb. After this, I woke up and acknowledged that verily verily, HE that Sits on The Throne, had Spoken to humanity on matters relating to the close of time.

Going by these three classical and most astounding visions of The LORD on the glorious garment, one cannot fail to pick out the remarkable message that they unmistakeably convey to the ends of the church. In the manner of their presentation, there emerges an obvious sequence of a carefully crafted conversation whose intent is definitely to point humanity to the due standards of GOD ALMIGHTY. That benchmark is what became the gravity of the glorious garment that heaven so much adores.

In a nutshell, it is without a doubt that the Heart of GOD the Father today very much yearns over the souls of HIS sons. It is as though He looks at the faces of the believers and trembles at the mere thought of them facing life’s peril. These three visions indeed underscore a significant milestone that propels a wake-up call upon today’s church, and especially on this issue of wise-preparedness for the coming of the LORD.

Primarily, the first vision of the garment in which the raiment of John The Baptist is totally transfigured, essentially denotes the definition of a time-frame along which GOD ’S Prophetic calendar runs. Surfacing at a time right before the installation of the second change of leadership in Jerusalem, this vision of the glorious garment fundamentally signifies the dispensation at which every Christian believer must be well-cladded with a glorious raiment of righteousness.

In a world where satan has claimed dominion and sullied the lives of men, it’s astounding that The LORD permitted the church to operate like a helpless babe in the midst of such animosity and cruelty. One can certainly perceive GOD’S concern over the church at this hour of darkness, as we wind down our lives on this aging planet. Whereas the world may see it not, the believers however are now awake to GOD ’s affront to satan’s continued intimidation by using this glorious garment as an affront to his whims.

The Holy Spirit is essentially saying that the pursuit of this everlasting garment of eternity is the one-step-solution for today’s apostasy. Upon humanity was on that day presented the glorious raiment, upon her life was arrayed eternity! The garment being discussed here is that which The Messiah Himself purchased by laying down HIS own glorious sinless life that the elect who devote to HIS cause, may never be put to shame. This is the only way in which the LORD ensured that in the midst of the spiritual mayhem that beclouds this day, HE would still clearly show the church the sure path to eternal life. It is a ministration to the triumphant glory that was unleashed upon the church on the occasion when the rock on that Golgotha Tomb was rolled away, and the cave rendered empty. For heaven to be heavily involved in this kind of discussion, it can only imply that the dispensation of the glorious garment now assuredly beckons the church.

The clock of time is fast ticking away thereby allowing the landmark events of this hour to be gradually unveiled in the eyes of mortal men. With due regard for the individual merit and uniqueness of each one of these three species of visions, one however would not fail to draw the bottom-line of the garment that The LORD has set out to exalt at this hour. It is a spiritual outfit that by all measures ministers to the life of man such novelty as the need to refine one’s salvation with the glorious, dazzling, sparkling, faultless and radiant righteousness of the Cross. By this sacred garment, The LORD is in other words saying that the life of the believer ought to now illuminate a glorious manifestation of holiness that can dazzle its way and sparkle the radiance of the light of Christ through the darkness of this world, and the ages of time.

“And to present her to himself as
a radiant church, without stain or
wrinkle or any other blemish, but
holy and blameless.” (Eph 25:27)

Considering the added value that these visions of the garment infuse into today’s worship in the body of Christ, it is imperative that we rollout an extensive expedition to unveil every single aspect of how The LORD views His garment. By so doing, it is extremely important to explore what the LORD says regarding this hour and the requirements thereof. When it comes to the day of the wedding of the Lamb, the bible comes out very clearly to define how the present-day church ought to prepare. First and foremost, the day of the wedding of the Lamb of GOD is defined as that most revered irreversible and irretrievable day of reckoning, at which the failure to prepare will draw eternal irreversible penalty. Moreover, in describing that day, the bible leaves nothing to chance, when it goes the whole length elaborating the loftiness with which that day will realize. From the way in which that day is celebrated in the bible, one can easily pick out that it will be the most significant day in the history of humanity.

Garment for rapture

From the aforegoing, we can vividly adduce that the most important biblical promise ever advanced to mankind is
the coming of the glorious Kingdom of GOD . From the Prophets of old, to the Apostles of the first church, all seem to be in total agreement that this most important heavenly event of rapture, will require the appropriate clothing that befits its rank within the heavenly order. Like was the case with Moses in the wilderness, so it is with the church today. Moses the Man of GOD was required to stitch forth the attire for the priesthood, that they may appear with dignity and honour before the Throne of LORD. However, in that instructive of the LORD unto Moses, the rules of engagement were very clearly laid out by heaven. The LORD required that Moses not stitch any garment with any other fashion, except that which was exclusively prescribed by JEHOVAH. It is these prerequisite guidelines about the garment of the priestly office, that compelled the LORD to anoint forth some key personalities in the House of Jacob that they may accomplish this divine task.

30 Then Moses said to the Israelites, “See, the Lord has chosen Bezalel son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah, 31 and he has filled him with the Spirit of God, with wisdom, with understanding, with knowledge and with all kinds of skills (Ex 35:30-31).

So it is with the present-day church. Just as Moses could not stitch for himself a garment of his own making, but GOD’s design, so is the present day church not supposed to stitch for herself the garment for rapture. The LORD must help the church and prepare for her such a glorious garment that would befit the rapture.

No wonder the bible says, “I will greatly rejoice in the LORD, my soul shall be joyful in my GOD ; for HE hath clothed me in the garment of salvation. HE hath covered me with the robe of righteousness …(Isaiah 64:10).

In the same way, we see that when Adam and Eve had done the ugly sin in the garden, their attempts to dress themselves did not amount to anything at all before the LORD. Adam and Eve tried to cloth themselves with fig leaves, but to no avail. GOD ALMIGHTY had to show them the way to HIS appropriate garment that heaven accepts.

HE slay two animals without defect then made for them clothing that was acceptable to HIM (Gen 3:7; 3:21).

The church must remember that the clothing she ought to put on for this hour must be acceptable to heaven because they belong to heaven and not man. Therefore, there is no way the church too can stitch for herself a garment that satisfies the human standard and expect to equally bring satiation to the heavenly standard of rapture. For that matter, even for the day of rapture, there is no way in which the church will make it into that glorious most holy Kingdom of heaven, unless the believers of this day learn to fully submit to the lordship of the Holy Spirit, as did Moses on the matter of the garment.

In the Israelite camp, the LORD anointed Bezalel and Oholiab to accomplish this noble task of knitting forth the rightful acceptable garment for the priesthood to appear before HIS Throne. And yet we also see that in the garden of Eden, the LORD already showed us the way to the Cross and the Blood as the only sacrifice that can adorn and cover us acceptably through the slaughter of those innocent animals that covered the nakedness of Adam and Eve. Nonetheless, when it comes to the day of the wedding of the LAMB, the bible clearly stipulates the gravity of that momentous occasion and the standards with which it will behold. And because that day stands out as the most important day in the calendar events of heaven, the LORD has urged the church to prepare well by dressing in the finest linen bright and clean. This is the righteousness of the saints.

7 Let us rejoice and be glad and
give him glory! For the wedding
of the Lamb has come, and his
bride has made herself ready.
8 Fine linen, bright and clean,
was given her to wear.” (Fine
linen stands for the righteous
acts of God’s holy people.)
(Rev 19:7).

This garment for rapture that is being discussed here is primarily symbolic of the righteousness of GOD that was delegated to the church through the wonderful works of Christ Jesus on the Cross. However, it is not the righteousness of man! It is not our own righteousness! If the church tries to dress in her own works of righteousness, she will still be unclothed and hence not see the mighty Kingdom of the Messiah. All our righteousness is like filthy rugs in the presence of the Most High of Israel.

6 All of us have become like
one who is unclean, and all our
righteous acts are like filthy
rags; we all shrivel up like a
leaf, and like the wind our sins
sweep us away (Isaiah 64:6).

The LORD must therefore assist the present-day church through the grace, to provide for her the right clothing for the glorious day of rapture. In other words, this vision of the radiant raiment of the LORD essentially classifies the day of rapture, as the day of the garment. Just to re-emphasize and underscore the significance of cladding in the right and acceptable garment, the bible comes out clearly that on the day of rapture there would be a man who will want to partake of the wedding feast, but will not be accepted owing to the type of garment he would wear. This person the bible says, will be dressed an unacceptable attire of self righteousness. It asserts on the consequences of rejecting
the Messenger and the Message of righteous and holy preparedness for this hour. By rejecting the clarion call to earnestly prepare in holiness, this man’s actions amounted to disdaining the wedding garment that GOD had provided for the church for this occasion.

12 `Friend, how did you get in
here without wedding clothes?’
The man was speechless. (Matt

Therefore, on that day when the marriage of the LAMB comes, HIS royal and priestly bride who will be found wearing the finest linen, bright and clean, which is the righteousness of the saints, will surely commence the process of eternal jubilation.

9 and be found in him, not
having a righteousness of my
own that comes from the law,
but that which is through faith
in Christ — the righteousness
that comes from God on the
basis of faith (Philippians 3:9).

Church appearing before GOD

In the July 29th 2009 vision of the garment, the LORD essentially presented the church as she had just entered heaven. At that lofty place she beheld, the church I saw was very deeply involved in the most profound worship before the Throne of GOD . This essentially defined the appearance of the church before the Throne of GOD. This astounding vision of the church worshipping before the Throne of GOD struck me because I very well knew that it essentially amounted to the direct announcement by heaven that the time for the church to appear before GOD has drawn nigh. We are reminded here of when Aaron was required to appear before the LORD. Key in that invitation to minister unto the LORD, is the fact that there were certain protocol benchmarks that had to be reached before Aaron could venture in front of the Throne. Chief to this was the sacred garment that Aaron had to wear in order to present him before the LORD with dignity and honour.

2 Make sacred garments for
your brother Aaron to give him
dignity and honor (Ex 28:2).

The LORD has today dispatched to the church an eminent deputation from HIS Throne to confer upon her the long overdue repentance in the House. When JEHOVAH instructed Moses The MAN OF GOD to consult with the people upon whose lives HE had placed special skills for the perfect knitting of the priestly garment, that became the foretelling of the role of the Holy Spirit would play in the church today.

The LORD was essentially saying that a time such as this would come when there would be greater need for the central body of Christ to heavily depend on the counsel and direction of the Holy Spirit in order to prepare the glorious holy garment for rapture. This also registers the most crucial undertaking by heaven, in order to re-establish the sacred worship of the GOD of the Cross in holiness. And the church that would dare embrace the current crusade of repentance would without a doubt become the elect whose Christian lives would reflect the imagery of the perfection of what worship is meant to accomplish at this hour; entry into heaven.

The weaving of the garment that the church ought to wear at this critical hour was already accomplished at the Calvary Cross, hence the honours is upon the present-day body of believers to ensure that their robes are flawless in order to curtail any more wastage of time for entry into heaven. Such an excellent worship is what would allow the church to appear before the LORD without blemish.

Just like was the case with Israel, the careful crafting of the colourful priestly garment, not only marked the end of the dispensation of darkness that had for a long time menaced them, but also the commencement of the eagerly awaited season in which the devout adherents to penitence would finally have to share in the national glory that was about to unfold. So it is with the church, when this reprieve by the window that the LORD opened from heaven, is meant to signal not only the end of the dispensation of darkness at the Altar of the LORD, but also the beginning of the massive
outpour of the glory of GOD that ushers the church into the eternal Kingdom of GOD . It is this entry that constitutes the grand master parade at which the elect church must now appear before GOD .

At the time of Moses, such an appearance before the LORD was required to meet certain spiritual specifications. Today too, this clarion call unto the church to prepare for appearing, will require that she be well clothed in a raiment that would bestow upon her dignity and honour as she appears. This is the most coveted dispensation that was long foretold, a season in which there would be the refining and perfectioning of the sainthood in the House of the LORD. And in that process of refinement, the preparation of the garment of righteousness takes centre stage. It is a vivid sign that the stronghold of immorality and wickedness which had of late hijacked the church of Christ for quite some time, is now beginning to wane off as the day of our deliverance at rapture draws nearer. And hence the need to subscribe to The New Authority of the Holy Spirit as the launder for her soiled garment for this hour. When heaven bore this testimony of the dispensation of The Holy Spirit that would come in this day, the present-day church perceived it not because their hearts had never been turned in faith to HIM that is Invisible. Hence the modern-day church has beheld not the Glory of GOD that was to come at this hour for her rescue. And yet as The LORD ministered to the present-day believer regarding the knitting of the glorious rapture garment of worship, much was availed on the coming of The Holy Spirit and HIS workings in the church.

How could this generation not have grasped such a treasured promise from heaven! In the assembly of the body of Christ then, they have hence known it not that The LORD is as a matter of fact preparing them for the glorious coming of The Blessed One of Israel. Right from the Calvary Cross to date, it was always about The Holy Spirit; and the Authority HE would wield in the restoration of worship in the present day endtime church. From the time when Christ Jesus triumphed on the Cross, henceforth, never did GOD ever entrust anyone else on the making of the garment of righteousness, except the Skilful Holy Spirit to whom wisdom of Heart and ability of spiritual craftsmanship has been discharged. It is imperative to understand that wisdom of heart that the Holy Spirit bestows upon the devout holy believer, is as a matter of fact a totally different phenomenon from the wisdom of mind that one sees consuming this
entire world.

The beauty of it all is that today’s church has a point of reference upon which to fall back on this matter of entrusting only the LORD to prepare the rightful garment for this hour. During the Moses The MAN OF GOD , when he and the Israelites faithfully consulted and adhered to the instruction that the anointed Skilful men directed, the Israelites were hence able to lay down those specifications on the raiment of the tabernacle and hence achieved the perfect clothing with which to appear before JEHOVAH. That became the most celebrated worship in the life of Israel considering that it brought down THE CLOUD OF GOD ‘S GLORY upon the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant.

The church too needs to take this lesson that is well highlighted in the bible, and use it to fully submit under the Leadership of the Holy Spirit that she too may be able to appear right before the Throne of GOD .


From this discourse we see that the church today can do with a lot of learning from the manner in which the Levitical garment was prepared in order to install a high worship in the tabernacle. Reference should be primarily focused on The LORD’S Command that was handed down to Moses so as to achieve that glorious worship, and how he faithfully implemented it to achieve the prescribed garment of worship. For instance, it is important to underscore that the twisted ephod made of gold,blue, purple and scarlet yarn, the sash, the fashioned breastplate mounted with four rows of precious stones containing ruby, topaz, beryl, turquoise, sapphire and emerald; all point at the intricate spiritual design that the Holy Spirit should bring unto the garment of righteousness that the present-day church ought to wear at this hour. It is a spiritual crescendo that is meant to exude the fragrance of holiness in the church’s worship.

While the garment finishings such as the embroideries and engravings also made their special contributions to the tabernacle worship, today however all this translates to the significance that every little aspect of our daily christian lives contribute towards that perfecting of our worship unto JEHOVAH. What we think, what we eat, the schemes of our hearts, the contemplation of our minds, how we dress, the friends we hang out with, are just but a few spiritual embroideries that go a along way to perfection the garment of righteousness in our hearts. By looking at how today’s church has ignored the role of the Holy Spirit in her daily life and worship, one wonders why she has not yet comprehended that a christian life without the leadership of the Holy Spirit cannot lead to the Kingdom of GOD.

Considering the level of the artisanship and refinedness that The LORD is specifying regarding the glorious garment for the coming of the Messiah, then one wonders why the mind of the present-day Pastor has not been kindled to the Supernatural Being of The Holy Spirit as the only way out. In the LORD’s specifications, it is the finest glorious garment of holiness that is totally untenable outside the realm of the Holy Spirit. Owing to the excellence of the accomplishment that Jesus achieved on the Cross to deliver the church, GOD MOST HIGH has prescribed forth for HIS bride, a perfect glorious raiment that is without blemish since the Messiah HIMSEL F is the PERFECT MAN without blemish.

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