A Prophet’s Itinerary is Holy Spirit Directed

Excerpted from the Holy Manuscript, “His Sons No More”, by Dr. David Owuor, Mighty Prophet of the LORD “Who Will Pitch the LORD’s Tent” (Potters Valley at page 11)
Original source (http://www.jesusislordradio.info/holymanuscriptsnew.htm)

“Many times when the LORD sends forth a prophet unto the earth, his Spirit navigates the prophet, taking him here and there as the Word is proclaimed.  The LORD ensures that the prophet never visits any place that he has not sent him to, in what could constitute a random movement.

The LORD God Almighty is normally very deliberate with his prophets, thereby taking them to specific places to make the pronouncements of the LORD. This is normally a very deep spiritual event that cannot be fully perceived and understood in this earthly realm. So was the case with Jeremiah the prophet of the LORD when he had to speak to obstinate and rebellious Israel. Nonetheless, the manner in which the LORD compelled Jeremiah to relay the message to Israel, is what discloses much to the church today.

It is obvious that today’s church is scampering for a fresher breath of life from God.  The LORD had instructed Jeremiah to first go into the Potter’s house, before he could reveal the message to the desolate Jerusalem temple (Jeremiah 18:1-3).  The potter’s house to which the LORD God was referring Jeremiah is a valley by the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This specific infamous valley has a long running history thereby earning itself the name, the valley of Ben Hinnom.  The Ben Hinnom valley was renown as a valley of grand disposal and refuse.  It is at this place that all the garbage and decomposing refuse generated from the city of Jerusalem was dumped.  It became a gross place littered with broken pots, torn clothes, decomposing waste foods, dead and rotten dogs, putrefied cats, among other litter.  This was surely a degenerated place that no one would have longed to visit.

What is particularly most astonishing about this valley of Ben Hinnom, is that in all its
grossness, the potters could be seen working tirelessly at the wheel.  Perhaps it reveals much of the drudgery of the work of the Potter.  Moreover, a careful examination of how they worked, reveals that these potters mostly gathered the discarded broken pots for their work.  These abandoned broken pots offered their most valuable raw-material as they broke them down into very fine pieces, soaking them in water and using them as clay.  This clay was eventually worked at the wheel in order to rebuild another pot, absolutely different from the mother pot that had been initially trashed.”

Full text available here..http://www.jesusislordradio.info/holymanuscriptsnew.htm



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