Prophetic Dream, Imminent Nuclear Event

1/ 22/ 2013 8:20 AM
“The ship is emanating 47 Rads per hour,” the man said secretly. “But you know that from the Prophet.”  This conversation was directed to me but the speaker was not a believer. The conversation took place outside in a remote location  that looked like the Middle East where the water and everything in the dream was a shade of pale green, (cholorous).

Amos 7:14 I am no prophet…

One thing we have learned for certain is that this present global repentance revival (Joel 2:28) is no respecter of persons. The LORD has poured out His Spirit on all of His children, those that walk according to the Spirit and not the flesh. The dreams and visions promised in Joel 2:28 are now manifesting rapidly with breath taking fulfillment time as though one barely has the frozen moment to even share the word before sudden fulfillment.  It is clear that the Holy Spirit is speaking to the bride that she would make herself ready and rely upon Him to prepare for the Coming of the Messiah.

We are now hearing the same message repeatedly from the Holy Spirit throughout the globe.  The event will take place very soon, time is over, and the Word of the LORD will be fulfilled before our very eyes.


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